New York Gets Its First Legal Cannabis Store; It’s ‘Happy 420’ Everyday For New Yorkers!

by Tooba Shaikh
New York Gets Its First Legal Cannabis Store; It’s ‘Happy 420’ Everyday For New Yorkers!

No matter what time is it where you live, it’s 4:20 in New York. Confused? Let us enlighten you. Many people in the US have been fighting to legalise the use of cannabis, also known as marijuana or weed. It seems that their efforts have finally come to fruition. New York finally has its first cannabis store that sells weed legally. Prospective patrons are no doubt looking forward to supporting this much-awaited initiative.

First Cannabis Store In New York

The store, named Housing Works Cannabis Co. opened on the 29th of December, Thursday at, wait for it, 4:20 PM. It is nice to know that the store owners have a sense of humour. The store is strictly non-profit and will feature products created by businesses that are led by BIPOC people and women. The store is the latest initiative of Housing Works, an NGO that has been doing a lot for people affected by HIV/AIDS. The services it provides to affected people have proven to be life-saving and it does so through entrepreneurial initiatives such as this. This cannabis store is its 12th shop in New York.

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Ease Of Location And Other Good Things About This Store

Not only is the store historical, since it was one of the first establishments to receive a license to sell marijuana, but also easily accessible. It is located at 750 Broadway or 1 Astor place and also has a ramp so that it is wheelchair accessible. It also features a range of recreational products like edibles, pre-rolled joints, bongs, vapes, and more. Moreover, the workers of this store receive a decent pay package which includes benefits. Moreover, the jobs are also unionised to ensure them against exploitation. Housing Works has other business initiatives in New York that all fund its endeavour to support homeless people and those affected by AIDS. These business endeavours include thrift stores, bookstores and book cafes, and other establishments.

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons