5 Things You Should NEVER Do During Hotel Checkout

by Vinita Jain
5 Things You Should NEVER Do During Hotel Checkout

Hotel checkout seems like a fairly straightforward process, but even seasoned travelers can stumble. Especially when you’re packing everything in your suitcase at dawn and stumbling on time you can commit some mistakes. Committing small mistakes, in the end, can ruin your whole vacation, so it’s better to take care of certain things at the last moment. Sometimes, in that hustle-bustle of getting late, you might forget things or blame the hotel staff. Although it’s natural to happen, we do panic sometimes. To save you from such scenarios, we got you a list of 5 things you should never do during hotel checkout.

1. Don’t Be Late

What are the initial checkout rules? don’t be late. Mostly the hotel check-out time is at 11:00 Am. Still confirm it prior only with the hotel staff and leave before 5 minutes only. Hotels are very smart in adding exorbitant rates to your hotel bills. If you’re somewhere out and won’t be able to return on time, try informing the hotel staff over a call.

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2. Don’t Pay Without Checking The Hotel Bill

Don’t ever pay your entire hotel bill without checking it twice. Hotels are sometimes way too smart to charge hidden fees. To stay away from such kind of suspicious behavior better double check your bill. Sometimes, they even charge you for the minibar or snacks present inside the room. If you’ve not even touched them remind the hotel staff. And, most significantly always check room no. present on the bill.

3. Don’t Check Out Without Checking Your Room

The basic rule is always to double-check your room before leaving. Adults can also leave something behind, there’s no big deal. Rather than leaving something precious and coming back all the way to the hotel again, better check all the drawers and cupboards of your room twice.

4. Don’t Pack Items From Hotel Room

Apart from toiletries, and basic stuff kept in your room, don’t take things like a drier, lamp, or mug with you. Later you will find the charges on your bill and that will be too embarrassing.

5. Don’t Forget To Tip The Housekeepers

Last but not least do give a tip to the housekeepers who made your stay in the hotel a memorable one. Consider giving them a tip based on how messy your room was.

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