5 Travel Trends The World Might See In 2023

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
5 Travel Trends The World Might See In 2023

2022 can be named the year of travel because people set off to travel after spending two years in the house due to the pandemic. The world was open to travel, and the tourism industry saw a surge in the number of tourists. Be it visiting the same old destination or a new one, or going to a new destination for work, we did it all! While 2022 was simply amazing when it came to travel, 2023 looks way more promising and trendy, as some new travel trends will surely catch up. Here are some of the travel trends we might see in 2023.

5 Travel Trends In 2023

1. Work As You Roam

Sounds good, right? Well, many have been doing it already. Pandemic introduced us to a new system known as “work from home” or “remote working.” With remote working, it became possible for people to fly down to their favourite destination and explore it without having to ask for holidays from their boss. This trend will surely boom in 2023, as it’s so convenient. All you need is a laptop and an Internet connection, and you are sorted.

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2. Exploring The Hidden Gems

People in 2022 abandoned well-known and popular destinations in favour of exploring lesser-known or less-explored ones. People are most interested in lesser-known spots and unique destinations compared to the famous ones. They actually visited unexplored gems and posted about them on their social media accounts as well. The biggest example of this trend is that in just 10 months of 2022, Vietnam saw about 51% of Indian tourists flocking to the country.

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3. Experiential Travel 

The destination does not matter as much as the experience, and that is what the next trend is about. People are more interested in the experiences that will be etched in their memories forever than the destination itself. Be it adventure sports, baking a cake in Paris, dancing with the locals in Assam, or watching their favourite player live in Qatar, these experiences now matter more than anything.

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4. Short Term Rentals

People are opting for short-term rental options like homestays, bed and breakfasts, hostels, etc. and ditching the hotel chains. They find it more convenient and easy on the pocket, with sometimes better features than what the hotel rooms offer. Many people are actually buying a second home and turning it into rentals. 2023 will surely see more people opting for it, which will benefit both the owners and the travellers.

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5. Experiencing Pre-Digital Era

For two long years of their lives, people were confined to four walls and a screen in front of them. Be it working from home or simply mindlessly scrolling on social media, people surely fall prey to screen fatigue. People, including Gen Zs, want to disconnect from their digital lives and enjoy the peace and quiet of the pre-digital era. 2023 will surely see more people switching their digital side off.

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