5 Unexplored Places In Thailand

by Kritika Kukreja 3474

Tropical beaches, fantastic nightlife and some very unquestionable things.. Thailand might be famous for these, but there are definitely some unexplored locations in Thailand that tourists are still new at discovering. That’s where Curly Tales has stepped in! Check out 5 unexplored locations in Thailand that will simply awe you –

1. Khao Lak

Khao Lak is small village town located in Thai Mueang District of Phang Nga Province, Thailand. Filled with natural beauty, a nature lover will never get bored of this place. With forested hills, beaches, waterfalls and jungles, there’s something for every traveller at Khao Lak. If you’re looking for a place to spend the night, Khao Sok National Park provides accommodations in their forest guest house.

How to get there – Khao Lak is located nearly 100 km away from Phuket. Take 402 or Route 4 and you might reach within hours.

Khao Lak

Khao Lak

2. Koh Phangan

The island with a dual personality. During the day, the tourists come here to unwind, relax and sunbathe, but as the sun sets, the island turns into a frenzy. The night parties happen only on full moon gathering over 30000 tourists in one day! Enjoy pristine blue waters or simply relax by the beach, but if you’re coming here on a full moon party night, be prepared to party all night with booze, fun music and a great time.

How to get there – Take a direct flight to Surat Thani and hop on a ferry ride from there to reach Koh Phangan within 2 hours.

Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan

3. Kanchanaburi

Call yourself an adventurous spirit? Kanchanaburi is the right place for you. Kanchanaburi rose to fame after the 1957 film by David Lean, “Bridge over the River Kwai”. Tourists slowly started realizing what this place had to offer. It is miles away from the beach life of most of  Thailand’s towns, and it offers safaris in its dense jungles, waterfalls, and many hidden wonders for the ones seeking thrill! Visit the Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary, and Lawa Cave but if you really want to take it up a notch, visit the Tiger Temple where you can get a chance to be photographed with fully grown and unleashed tigers! Sounds thriller, no?

How to get there – Kanchanaburi is nearly 150 km away from Bangkok. Take a train, local bus services or even hire a cab to get there.

Tiger Temple - Kanchanaburi

Tiger Temple – Kanchanaburi

4. Koh Lanta

The perfect island paradise. Koh Lanta is probably the most unexplored destination Thailand has to offer. It has virgin beaches, crystal clear waters, with a serene ambiance. You won’t find many beachside bars or lounges but it is surely a top notch diving location in Thailand. You could take a hike through its dense forests, or even kayak in the blue waters.

How to get there – Hop on a ferry from Bangkok and reach Koh Lanta within 4-5 hours.

Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta

5. Pai

A small village tucked away in the lap of hills, Pai is a backpacker’s paradise! Enjoy the company of hills, lush greenery, and gorgeous landscapes. If you’re planning to get away from crowded and busy city streets for a while, Pai is where you should head next. Although, Pai has a few good restaurants and bars, but the best way to enjoy the town is to explore its natural wonders.

How to get there – Catch a bus ride from Chiang Mai and you’ll be at Pai within 3 hours.