5 Unique Facts About The 18th Century-Built Dhayah Fort In Ras Al Khaimah

Dhayah Fort
by Deeplata Garde
by Deeplata Garde 226

Exploring UAE is not just about finding luxury in every corner. In the middle of the dry mountains and fruitful date wadis of northern Emirate Ras Al Khaimah, lies the castle-like Dhayah Fort. It is tentatively listed as part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is the only surviving hill fort in the United Arab Emirates. People utilised it for habitation and defence by natives throughout the Late Bronze Age (1600 1300 BC).

Here Are 5 Facts To Know About Dhayah Fort Of Ras Al Khaimah

1. It’s An Arduous Adventure

Bring out your inner Dora the explorer as this journey needs a lot of motivation. You will reach the top of the fort by taking around 220 steps. Yes, we ain’t joking it is a long trip to the top but the stellar views from there would make every step count.

Dhayah Fort

Pic Credits: Visit Ras Al Khaimah

2. Free Entry

History buffs here’s the good news for you! You get to enter free and explore this fort. Witness the scenic beauty and dig the history related to this ancient fort standing and surviving for years.

3. History Of The Last War

Dhayah Fort

Pic Credits: Visit Ras Al Khaimah

The final battle between the regional tribes and the British soldiers took place at this fort in 1819. On the south side of the hill, the nearly destroyed fortification is still visible.

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4. Watch towers For Scenery

To secure and watch over the region, solitary watchtowers were constructed among the palm gardens. At the base of the hill, a second fort and several watchtowers served as a refuge. dIn times of peril, those who lived and worked in the palm gardens assembled with their animals. These days, you can use the towers to have a look at the scenery.

Dhayah Fort

Pic Credits: Visit Ras Al Khaimah

5. Nearby Attractions From Dhayah Fort

Once you have enough of the panorama from the fort you can head towards a list of spots nearby. The names of these attractions are flamingo beach, Mohammed Bin Salem Mosque, National Museum of RAK and Al Jazirah Al Hamra.

Dhayah Fort

Pic Credits: Wikipedia

Where-Northern, Al Rams, Ras al Khaimah
When-09:00 am to 05:00 (Sunday to Thursday)

Cover Image Courtesy: Visit Ras Al Khaimah