6 Beaches You Can Visit In Gujarat For A Fun Family Outing

Head over to these beaches in Gujarat and have a fun filled day

by Ankita Mazumdar
6 Beaches You Can Visit In Gujarat For A Fun Family Outing

Gujarat is full of beaches. Planning a fun-filled outing with your family at one of the beautiful beaches with baskets full of healthy food, fruits, juices, a couple of books, speakers and games is a perfect way to unwind during the weekends. If you are more of an adventurous person then play some outdoor games and if you are more of a laid-back person, then hit the beaches in Gujarat and enjoy the gorgeous views.

6 Beaches To Visit In Gujarat With Family

1. Mandvi Beach

Mandvi is located in Kutch, therefore it became one of Gujarat’s historic ports. This beach in Gujarat used to connect with East Africa via the sea route for trade. In addition to being breathtaking, the Mandvi beach on the outskirts of the town is a great home for flamingos and other migratory birds during the wintertime. So plan accordingly if you want to catch some migratory birds.

2. Dumas Beach

If you live near Surat, this is the most accessible beach in Gujarat for you; it is around 20 kilometers away. The majority of tourists go to the black sand beach after seeking blessings at the Dariya Ganesh temple. Make sure to try the fried delicacies that are available at the beach. It is a delight to sniff the salty air and gobble on oily food.

3. Gopnath Beach

Without a doubt, one of Gujarat’s most amazing tourist destinations is the 700-year-old Gopnath Shiva temple. This beach in Gujarat bears the same name as this temple. About 70 kilometers from Bhavnagar lies the serene and gorgeous Gopnath beach, which is situated in the Gulf of Khambat. You have to be careful if you have kids because the locals kind of warn about the tidal waves being occasionally huge. 

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4. Madhavpur Beach

Looking for another less crowded beach for some family time? Head over to this beach in Gujarat. There is an annual fair hosted by the local Mer community which makes the beach buzzing with activities and it is still a pretty sight to see. Plan accordingly if you want to catch this festival. You can also catch a glimpse of this beach if you are travelling between Somnath and Dwarka. 

5. Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach

This one is liked by many including families. Camel rides are happening at the beach and many water activity options are available. Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is situated between the Union Territory of Diu and Gujarat so it is a perfect outing destination. If you have time then tag along to Sasan Gir National Park while you are going to this beach. The kids will have a gala time with both wildlife and water sports.

6. Dwarka Beach

Dwarka in itself is quite a popular destination for pilgrims from all around India. This beach in Gujarat is flocked by huge numbers of tourists, especially during the winter. If you want a more calmer place then head over to Bet Dwarka, an island near Dwarka. It has a white sand beach! A perfect place to watch crazy sunsets and pass your time. Book a boat to Bet Dwarka for your family.

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Please maintain these beautiful beaches and keep them neat. Do not trash the beach and disturb the great vibe of the places.

Enjoy your family outing!

Cover Image Credits: Canva

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