6 Best Gujarati Thali Spots In Surat To Head To For A Great Lunch With Family

Gujaratis love their food and have a lavish Gujarati Thali with numerous dishes cause their food doesn't stop at dhokla and fafda for them

by Ankita Mazumdar
6 Best Gujarati Thali Spots In Surat To Head To For A Great Lunch With Family

Gujarati thali is a grand platter which is a lip-smacking affair in itself. If you are unaware of what all Gujarati thali consists of, worry not. It has a number of dishes like chaash, papad, basmati rice, shaak, farsaan, daal, poori or bhakri, salad, chutneys, athaanu, Mithaai, and more. If you are visiting Surat then do not miss out on the following best spot for Gujarati thali with your family.

6 Best Gujarati Thali Spots In Surat

1. Kansar-Gujarati Thali

Kansar-Gujarati Thali is known for having a variety of thalis on its menu. The decor of the place is very similar to a pretty and traditional Gujarati setting. It is a delightful experience to have Gujarati lunch with your family here.

Where: President Plaza, 101-104 Ring Road Near Old R T O Office Wing-A

Cost For Two: ₹ 600

2. Sasumaa Gujarati Thali

Sasumaa is a very minimal restaurant to eat good vegetarian food. You may enjoy farsaan here in the form of chaat or a savoury taste. But they have very tasty chutneys. It doesn’t get much crowded, so no waiting time.

Where: Mangal Deep Complex, Ring Rd, opp. Vanita Vishram Ground, Vijay Nagar, Majura Gate

Cost For Two: ₹ 500

3. Goras Gujarati Thali

It is a very simple yet elegant place to have lunch and that too at a very pocket-friendly cost. You can go for unlimited thali and enjoy your favourite dish a handful number of times. A good thing about this place, they do have mini lunch options as well. So if you can’t finish the entire thali, go for the mini ones.

Where: President Plaza, beside Mahavir Cardiac Hospital, Athwa Gate

Cost For Two: ₹ 850

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4. Purohit Thali

If you are traveling to Surat by railway then this restaurant is the perfect place to have a great meal. It is right opposite the Surat Railway Station. On top of that, the food served here is unlimited. If you are starving then you can fill yourself up along with your Gujarati food cravings.

Where: 6R4Q+2R9, Railway Station Rd, Railway Station Area, Varachha

Cost For Two: ₹ 300

5. Shiv Sagar Dining Hall

If you are head over heels for Gujarati food then, this place should be your go-to. It is budget-friendly, with unlimited servings with a little extra payment for more sweets. That is fair enough though, sweets are worth the extra money you will pay. We are sure, the sweet tooth in you will take over this. 

Where: 1/B, Krishna Nagar Soc, Adajan Surat, opp. Muktanand Nagar

Cost For Two: ₹ 500

6. Jalaram Khichdi Restaurant

They do have a Gujarati Lunch and Spl. Jalaram Lunch. Both of them serve Gujarati food in limited portions and the only difference is that they give two gulab jamuns in their Spl. Jalaram Lunch. Who wouldn’t want to miss out on TWO gulab jamuns?

Where: Shop L 17, 18, 19, Anmol Complex, Near Sargam Shopping Centre, Piplod

Cost For Two: ₹ 1000

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We hope you enjoy good gujarati food at these restaurants and let us know which ones you visited.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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