Thomas Cook Introduces A Special Travel Package With Vegetarian & Jain Cuisine For Gujaratis

by Tejashee Kashyap
Thomas Cook Introduces A Special Travel Package With Vegetarian & Jain Cuisine For Gujaratis

Travel packages are tailor-made nowadays.  And now, there are certain tours that cater specifically to vegetarians and Jains, offering them unique travel experiences. For Indians, especially vegetarians, cuisine is essential while planning a vacation. According to data from Thomas Cook (India) Limited and its Group firm, SOTC Travel, passengers from Gujarat as well as Maharashtra have raised their travel appetite for the forthcoming Diwali festive season.

Tour Packages For Vegetarians & Jains

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People from Gujarat and Maharashtra are showing an uptick in travel interest by 90% year on year. To capitalise on this strong and rising possibility, Thomas Cook and SOTC have introduced bespoke Vegetarian and Jain Tours for customers in Gujarat and Maharashtra, combining the finest of culinary and cultural experiences in a variety of preferred destinations.

Travelling is often about experiencing different cultures and their culinary traditions. Vegetarian and Jain travellers are no exception, but they seek destinations that offer a rich tapestry of plant-based cuisine and culturally significant vegetarian dishes.

With departures from Ahmedabad and Mumbai, Thomas Cook and SOTC’s special Vegetarian and Jain Tours give customers a varied variety of Indian and International locales to pick from. Due to schools closing for mid-term break, the portfolio includes air-inclusive, land-only, and customisable holidays to target India’s high potential demographics, including multigenerational families; honeymooners/couples/DINKs, millennials/young professionals, Gen Z, seniors/Gen S, and more.

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What Does The Package Include?

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Tour packages like this provide a sense of community and camaraderie, and this holds true for vegetarian and Jain travellers as well. These tours offer the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar dietary choices and beliefs.

The Companies’ exclusive Vegetarian and Jain Tours portfolio includes a variety of handpicked places and activities:

  • It includes a variety of handpicked favoured places such as Switzerland, Paris, Italy, and Vatican City in Europe, as well as Turkiye, South Africa, Australia, and Egypt.
  • Destinations closer to home/with easy visas, such as Singapore, Singapore + cruise, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.
  • Domestic destinations include Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Kerala, and the North East, as well as Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

All group excursions will be supervised by expert Gujarati-speaking tour managers, and overseas groups will be accompanied by a special chef. Popular Gujarati cuisines are provided while on tour. Gujarati Dal, Aam Ras, Aloo Methi Nu Shak, Bhindi Masala, Gata Nu Shak, Pani Puri, Aloo Jeera, Bhakri and more.

So, when are you signing up for this travel package?

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