6 Interesting Coronavirus Themed Foods From Across The World

by Sanjana Shenoy
6 Interesting Coronavirus Themed Foods From Across The World

Foodies across the world are craving for exotic meals, creamy pastries and delicious treats. But the coronavirus pandemic has led to many of us trying to cook our cravings at home or order them if possible. When it comes to food,  it’s not just us who are suffering. Bakeries, eateries and small businesses are struggling. In order to stay afloat, they have had to get creative and innovative. And that’s exactly what they did. So welcome coronavirus themed foods. Desserts and dishes have been given a light-hearted approach to create awareness about the virus and also bring a little joy in the hearts of foodies. Here are 6 interesting coronavirus themed foods from across the world, so you can feast your eyes.

1. Corona Pakodas From India

Chai and Pakodas is the best combination ever right! During this pandemic, Kanishka Wijesekara posted a picture of Corona Pakoda on his twitter handle. He fried pakodas modelled around the novel coronavirus. Within no time, social media went beserk over the invention. The pakodas were spherical shaped with tiny outgrowth coming out of it. Who would have thought the simple dish made with veggies, deep-fried in rice flour batter could take the internet by storm?

Picture Credits: anandbazar.com

2. Toilet Paper Cake, Chicago, USA

While the battle against the India lota and the western toilet paper has a clear winner, the rest of the world is facing a major toilet paper crisis. Some global newspapers are providing empty pages to be used as toilet paper to facilitate the large demand for this necessity. Videos showing shoppers hoarding and fighting hysterically over toilet paper broke the internet. Amid this toilet paper crisis, Tipsy Bakery in Chicago approached this issue with a tongue in cheek humour. They have started baking Toilet Paper cake to light up one’s birthdays, dinners and other special occasions.  The best part is the Toilet Paper cake come with a roll of a real toilet paper. So you can literally have your toilet paper and eat it too!

Picture Credits: Facebook/Tipsy Space

3. Cupcakes With Face Masks From Dortmund, Germany

The Schurener Backparadies in Dortmund, Germany, started off baking single roll toilet paper cakes. The marble cakes wrapped in white fondant modelled around toilet paper rolls starting selling like hotcakes. That’s when the bakery got another idea. They made cupcakes designed with face masks. The cute creations not only brought laughter and happiness to the customers during this dire time, but also helped the small bakery stay in business.

Picture Credits: rferl.com

4. Corona Sandesh From Kolkata, India

Back home in India, Hindusthan Sweets in Kolkata have been preparing Corona Sandesh to spread awareness on COVID-19. The milk sweet modelled around coronavirus have been distributed for free by the shopkeepers. The owner Rabin Pal informed that the shop will be printing do’s and dont’s to keep the virus at bay on the sweet packets. This is an interesting way to spread awareness and make it delicious too.

Kolkata Coronavirus Sandesh
Picture Credits: hindustantimes.com

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5. Doc Donuts From New York, USA

To honour Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the most respected immunologists in the world and the longtime director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a New York bakery has been baking donuts. But these aren’t ordinary donuts. They have an image of Dr. Anthony Fauci on them and have been named Doc Donuts. The owner of Donuts Delite, Nick Semeraro informed CNN that they loved his message and how he kept everyone informed during the crisis. So they wanted to give back and say thanks. The red-white-blue Doc Donuts went viral instantly and their business exploded.

Picture Credits: poststar.com

6. Coronaburgers From Hanoi, Vietnam

Chef Hoang Tung from the Pizza Takeaway Shop in Vietnam believes that if you’re scared of something, you should eat it. Keeping this ‘Eat it, to Beat it’ thought in mind he prepared Coronaburgers. Green-tea stained burger buns are prepared with little crowns on top to represent the glycoproteins projections present on the envelope of the coronavirus. This fun way of spreading joy to people during this pandemic has made these Coronaburgers a hit on social media. The shop sells around 50 burgers a day. These Coronavirus-Themed Burgers Are Prepared To Boost People’s Morale

Picture Credits: cnn.com

While you cannot lay your hands on all these quirky coronavirus themed foods, you can definitely take a sneak peek at them. The world is coming up with quirky ways to bring a little positivity during this difficult time. So maybe you can do your bit to bring joy in your loved ones’ lives too. Did you know New York Eateries Are Now Offering Liquor As Take-Out Along With Food?