6 Sounds Of Nature That We Miss During COVID-19

by Sanjana Shenoy
6 Sounds Of Nature That We Miss During COVID-19

Nature has its own sweet melody and rhythm. There is no sound as sweet, calming and relaxing as the sounds of nature. Today, as we all sit indoors, the sounds of nature is definitely something that we miss. Since we can’t go trekking, camping or even take a stroll in our neighbourhood parks, we at Curly Tales decided to take you on a sensory journey so you can connect with the sounds of nature. So here are 6 sounds of nature that we miss.

1. Gurgling Of Waterfalls

Whether it’s the gurgling sounds of waterfalls which you can here from closeby or the gushing sounds of waterfalls from a distance. The sounds of freshwater falling from a height is really pleasant to the ears. This is definitely one of the sounds of nature that we miss during this time.

Sounds Of Nature That We Miss

2. Chirping Of Birds

When you open your eyes to wake up to the chirping of birds, it’s truly blissful. The soft chirping of birds is just the ‘Good Morning’ you need to make it a great morning. And during this pandemic, you might not be able to travel to exotic places to listen to the chirping of exotic birds. But you can definitely open your windows and listen to the tweets of the pigeon and the caw of the crows.

Sounds Of Nature That We Miss

3. Whooshing Sounds Of Sea Breeze

To feel the salty breeze on your face, the soft wet sand on your feet is just the token of happiness that you get on the beach. When you’re at the beach the whooshing sounds of the sea breeze fills your body with a sense of calm and rejuvenation. The salt in the air, shells in the sand, waves in the waters is something that we really miss during this time.

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4. Bubbling Of Rivers

Flowing rivers have always been an inspiration for poets and artists. The bubbling of rivers reverberates in every traveller’s minds. In fact, studies say that the sounds of a bubbling river prove to be very effective for soothing and calming the mind. So if you ever feel restless,  just close your eyes and listen to the sounds of bubbling rivers.

Sounds Of Nature That We Miss

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5. Booming Of Thunder & Pitter-Patter Of Raindrops

Who doesn’t love the sounds of rain right? It’s a feeling on another level, to listen to the sounds of rain droplets on your window sill and splash along the puddles as you walk. The monsoon season is all the more romantic as you get drenched in the rains with your bae and cuddle together when you hear the booming sounds of thunderstorms.

Sounds Of Nature That We Miss

6. Crackling Of Bonfires

The best part about camping has to be the bonfire. Playing Antakshari with your loved ones, dancing together and eating delicacies as you huddle around the bonfire, is truly memorable. The sounds of the logs of wood, as the embers blow up in the wind, and the crackling sounds of the bonfire is what we desire right now.  You Can Go Lake Side Camping & Sky-Gazing In Bhandardara For Just Rs 1600 Including Meals

Sounds Of Nature That We Miss

So these are some of the sounds of nature that we truly miss during this lockdown. Through our #ArmChairTravel we hope we took you on a journey to hear reminisce and your favourite nature sounds.