Virtual Tour Of Ladakh

by Sanjana Shenoy

If you ever wanted to experience ‘Heaven on Earth’, allow us take you on a beautiful journey along the picturesque snow-capped mountains, pristine lakes and lush green landscapes of Ladakh. We at Curly Tales will take you on a virtual tour of Ladakh from the comfort of your home. Listen to the bubbling rivers, throttling of bullet bikes and witness the majestic mountains as you breathe in serenity and peace, through our experiences in Ladakh.

Day 1- Leh, Zanskar River, Sarchu Base Camp

To reach Ladakh, we took a direct 2.5-hour flight from Mumbai to Leh. We reached earlier than the rest of the crew and this gave us ample time to acclimatise. When you visit a high altitude place, it’s necessary to acclimatise. This involves giving your body and mind some amount of time to adjust to the new weather conditions, so as to not suffer from altitude sickness. We resided in a cosy room in the Mandala Hotel in Leh. Peeking out of our Kashmiri ledge window, we witnessed a breathtaking view. Bluer skies, cleaner air, trees with ripe red apples hanging from them, were just some of the things that took my breath away. After resting for some time, off we went to explore Leh.

We first saw a naval base having a large number of tanks, as we drove to the Zanskar river. Trekking enthusiasts can venture out on the Chaadar Trek during winter. And for people who love to raft, Zanskar river is just your abode. And even though it was summer, the weather was pleasant and cool. We explored the markets of Leh, visited some iconic spots and even interacted with the locals.

Our next destination was the Sarchu military base camp. And it was a lovely nine-hour drive, but it wasn’t tiring at all. The cool winds, breathtaking views from out of our windows kept us company. Sarchu military base camp is very minimal since it a base camp. We stayed at Goldrop at Sarchu base camp. There was just a bed and a bottle of water. Since Sarchu base camp is located at a higher altitude, this area is much cooler during the day and freezes at night. The day we stayed here, it snowed and that night and the temperatures dipped lower. But that was the sheer beauty of this place.

Day 2- Painting Like Scenery & Kahwa

The morning in Sarchu Base Camp was something we had just seen in wallpapers. The mountains were covered with snow, the sky was bright blue and the sun rays lightly fell, making the entire place resemble nothing short of a painting. Apart from capturing and soaking in every moment with our eyes, we went on to photograph this spell-bounding beauty in front of us. While we shivered, our teeth chattered and the cold winds swept through our bodies, the locals advised us to have a hot cup of Kahwa to get through this freezing cold. The Kashmiri tea prepared with green tea levels, spices, nuts and saffron left us feeling warm and fuzzy, like a tight hug on a cold day.

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Day 3- Star Gazing At Pangong Retreat Camp

On this 3rd day of our virtual trip, let’s take you on yet another long and beautiful road trip to Pangong Retreat Camp. After a day-long journey, we reached Pangong Retreat Camp in the evening. This camp is the closest, an Indian camp is to the border of China. Locals sometimes joke that if you hear gunfire shots at night, you must get scared. The tents here are located very close to the Pangong Tso Lake, and it does very chilly at nights. The temperatures even fall down to 5 degrees Celcius. But when you’re here you must go stargazing. It’s one of the most extraordinary experiences that this place has to offer. So remove your 500mm lenses, cover yourself up with hoards of sweaters and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime. The dark sky is studded with millions of stars, which looks like twinkling diamonds in the sky. It’s quiet, peaceful and just magical. You can even Enjoy Camping At Pawna Lake For A Stargazing Experience Near Pune

Day 4- Breakfast By The Lake, Touring Sightseeing Spots

Our 4th day in Ladakh commenced with a hearty hot breakfast with a gorgeous lake view. We then took a walk by the Pangong Tso Lake. After a blissful walk by the lake, we went on to explore other iconic spots like Diskit Monastery, the Nubra Valley and the Korzok Village. When In Ladakh, Don’t Forget To Explore The Natural Hot Water Springs Of Chumathang

Ladakh has a smagical vibe to it. The air is so fresh, the waters are so clear, the people are so kind and the surroundings welcome you like home. After a blissful experience in Ladakh, we set off to explore Manali. But these 4 days that we spent in Ladakh was nothing short of magic. And when its safe to travel again, we would definitely recommend you to visit Ladakh, at least once in a lifetime. You don’t need to go to Europe to experience Switzerland, you have all the love and magic you need in Ladakh!