When In Ladakh, Don’t Forget To Explore The Natural Hot Water Springs Of Chumathang

by Kanika Sharma
When In Ladakh, Don’t Forget To Explore The Natural Hot Water Springs Of Chumathang

What’s that one thing that brings respire from cold and freezing weather? Something warm. Now, what if we told you that not too far from one of India’s favourite winter destinations Ladakh, is a village that has natural hot water springs? Exciting right?

Picture Credit: Live Ladakh

What is it?

Chumathang is located around 138kms from Leh, in Ladakh. You will cross this small village when you are driving down from Leh to Tso Moriri Lake. While driving down, you’ll come across an Army Medical Centre in Kiari that is around 30 kms short of the natural hot water springs.

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If you are expecting an overly crowded spot, or a large waterbody of boiling water, that’s not what it is. In fact, if you aren’t aware about the presence of these hot water springs, there is a very high possibility that you would end up driving past them. On the bank of river Indus, there are small bodies of boiling water, which have high content of sulphur. On good days, you might be able to spot the steam from a distance, but then that’s about it.

What’s more?

The village is not really meant to cater to a large tourist population. You can find small guest houses that are comfortable enough for short-halts. However, there are a few guest houses in the area that have the water of natural hot water springs in their bathroom as well. But it is advised that to not spend more than half an hour to 40 minutes in the bath tub, as it gets a little dizzy.

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The only way to reach Chumathang is by road. You can take a flight to Leh and from there, hire a cab to go to visit the hot water springs of Chumathang. Though we would suggest not to plan a trip only keeping that destination in mind as there isn’t much to do in the small village. But it makes for a great pit-stop.