6 Trekkers Discover Virgin Lake In Uttarakhand After First Spotting It On Google Earth

by Sanjana Shenoy
6 Trekkers Discover Virgin Lake In Uttarakhand After First Spotting It On Google Earth

On September 1, six trekkers created history in Uttarakhand. 25-year-old Abhisekh Panwar, a trekker and guide with his five other teammates discovered a virgin lake in Uttarakhand. Nestled at 16,000 feet high in the stunning Rudraprayag district, they first spotted the lake on Google Maps. Up for a challenge, the trekkers decided to explore the lake for themselves. Read on to know all about their incredible story.

Trekkers First Spotted Hidden Uttarakhand Lake On Google Earth

Abhishek Panwar revealed to News18 in an interview, that it all started back in July 2021. The covid-induced lockdown left Abhishek and his team of trekkers Aakash, Vinay, Lalit Mohan, Arvind, and Deepak, yearning for a new challenge. The men were confined to their homes, seeking interesting travel information on the internet. That’s when one of them spotted a lake on Google Earth. The trekkers in their mid-20s decided to take up the challenge to explore the virgin lake.

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Picture Credits: Abhisekh Panwar/ News18

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Battled Harsh Weather & Routes To Discover Pristine Lake

As Abhishek was a trekking guide, he collected extra information and researched the route. Finally, the team of 6 embarked on the mission to unravel the mysteries of the hidden lake. They scaled 11 km from Goundar to Madmaheswar Dham. Battling harsh weather conditions, and inhospitable routes, they reached the lake after 6 arduous days of trekking. But the climb was worth it. The breathtaking lake nestled 16,000 feet above was surrounded by green meadows and white glaciers.

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They Created History

The teammates spent 25 minutes at the lake. They clicked pictures, measures the lake and shot videos. After all, the determined trekkers created history. The discovery of the virgin lake in Rudraprayag gives trekkers the chance to visit a hidden gem in Uttarakhand. We salute Abhishek Panwar and his team for literally putting a new lake on the map!

News Source: News18

Cover Picture Credits: Abhisekh Panwar/ News18