6 Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Home In The UAE While Staying In Its Spooky Spirits

by Anupriya Mishra
6 Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Home In The UAE While Staying In Its Spooky Spirits

Halloween is nearly here and we all wish to do something offbeat on the day. While many prefer to attend freaky-themed events, there are yet others, who might prefer to stay at home. For those of you who fall in the latter category, this article has been written for you. Here are a bunch of really cool ways you can spend some time at home on Halloween Day while staying true to its spirits in the UAE!

Halloween At Home In The UAE

1. Through A Spook-tacular House Party

halloween party
Pic credits: Canva

There is probably no better way to celebrate Halloween, than throwing a spooktacular house party. The fact that everyone is going to be dressing up to cosplay, just adds to the vibe. While you stay at home, you can organise a spooky party with your loved ones and family friends or maybe even neighbours! However, don’t forget to add a theme to your party, to make it all the more fun. It could be anything from dressing up as the scariest characters from Netflix TV series to even the weirdest ghosts from the 90s horror flick.

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2. Treat Your Family To Freaky-Looking Halloween Spread

halloween food
Pic credits: Canva

If a party is not something you enjoy, then food is the next best way to ring in the spooky spirits of Halloween. And with there being numerous tutorials online to make the simplest of the dishes look freaky through the right presentation without compromising on taste, you will certainly want to go all out. After all, treating one’s family to a quirky-looking spread is certainly going to earn you some brownie points and we are sure you will end up making some precious memories.

3. Call Up Your Friends And Share Spooky Stories

Scary story
Pic credits: Canva

If party and cooking are not something up your alley, then you can just call your friends for a warm cup of tea. However, the catch in this would be that you get to sit around candlelight, in a darkened room while you exchange creepy stories and encounters. There is something absolutely scary about hearing spooky stories in the cloak of darkness. And it certainly goes perfectly well with the Halloween vibe.

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4. Partake In A Spooky Movie Binge-a-thon!

halloween movie marathon
Pic credits: Canva

Whether you’re staying at home alone or with your family, you might want to consider treating yourself to a movie marathon. There are innumerable scary movies available on streaming platforms. From Netflix to Amazon Prime Video, these include some really creepy movies and TV series that are surely going to get you into the spirits of Halloween. Additionally, if movies aren’t your thing, you can ven pick up a scary novel for the day, ’cause why not?

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5. Call Up Your Buddies And Plan Exciting Activities

halloween activities
Pic credits: Canva

Another great way to spend some time at home for Halloween is by inviting your friends over for fun-filled Halloween-themed activities. This could be something as simple as a Halloween-themed game night or something more challenging like Carving a Jack-O-Ripper pumpkin. However, before you do invite your buddies, don’t forget to ensure you have all the supplies at home. Otherwise, everybody can always chime in by equally contributing to the things you might need.

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6. Dress Up & Set Awards For The Best Dressed Through Ballot Voting

halloween cosplay
Pic credits: Canva

It’s definitely not Halloween if you aren’t dressing up. And a great way to ensure that everyone you invite is dressed up to cosplay is to ensure there’s a reward system. You can all contribute towards the prize money, which will be set aside for the winner. And when it comes to deciding the winner the good old fashion ballot voting will come to your rescue. So, go ahead and send out the invites for a cosplay party and dress up your best to win the prize. And while you are at it, don’t forget to upload party pictures on your social media feed.

If staying at home is your jam, then these ideas might be the perfect way for you to spend Halloween at home, without missing out on the spirit. So go ahead and make plans!

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