Planning A Holiday? The ‘Geni-Us’ AI-Powered Travel Platform Will Map Your Itinerary!

by Anupriya Mishra
Planning A Holiday? The ‘Geni-Us’ AI-Powered Travel Platform Will Map Your Itinerary!

Planning a travel journey is quite tedious and intimidating. After all, it’s not always that people can find the time to set off on the holiday of their dreams. Planning the perfect holiday takes time, research, and some more research. And to help you out with this process, TravelGenius has launched an AI-powered travel platform that is going to revolutionise the way travellers experience the trip. We are talking about Geni-us, which has currently been launched in its beta version.

TravelGenius Launches AI-Powered Geni-us

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TravelGenius is a company that specialises in planning travel for people. And now, the company has launched Geni-us, which is an AI-powered travel platform and it’s bound to revolutionise the way travellers plan their trip. So, this exciting platform, which is currently in its beta version, offers a stress-free way for users to make their dream travel journey a reality.

Coming to Geni-us, this is a map-based travel planning and discovery platform. So, with the help of revolutionary technology, the platform offers natural language and freeform search, which will end up answering all the queries searched by travellers through just a single search. From locating the best areas to stay to the most iconic restaurants in the city, this platform answers all the queries that a person might think of asking.

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What Are The Highlights Of This Platform?

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As it happens, this powerful travel search engine delivers meaningful albeit personalised travel recommendations and itineraries. This is based on the traveller’s desired experience. Did you know that it is the only recommendation platform that processes travel plans, search queries, and interprets their meaning at the same time? Well, they do all this in one click and also integrate thousands of travel guides, accommodation, reviews, itineraries, maps, and even curates travel content, saving travellers a lot of time while they research to plan their trip.

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Helps In Planing Travel Journeys

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Moreover, it also allows folks planning a holiday to make the best out of their much-needed vacation. They do so by giving them the assurance that they picked the perfect destination for the right period of stay and under the best weather conditions – all for the right price value equation. However, they also offer something for business travellers, as the platform allows them to efficiently plan their stay in locations that are easily accessible by main transportation hubs.

So, with the help of its unique conversational feature, which is based on the user’s lifestyle and passion, this platform is certainly going to make their dream travel journey a reality.

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