“Why Do We Pay Extra For Safety?” Asks Redditor With 1AC Ticket After Seeing Ticketless Travellers Sitting Outside Her Coupe

Raising concerns about the safety and discomfort of travellers, a Redditor talks about her experience on how freeloaders get away even in 1st AC coaches.

by Tashika Tyagi
“Why Do We Pay Extra For Safety?” Asks Redditor With 1AC Ticket After Seeing Ticketless Travellers Sitting Outside Her Coupe

We have all, once in our life, come across people who are travelling without a ticket on trains or buses. And while there are some exceptional instances that make us feel okay about it, more often than not it is a nuisance for other travellers who pay the exuberant ticket prices for safety and comfort during their travels. And this Redditor’s recent post brings this behaviour of ticketless travellers into the spotlight again. Sharing her experience, the Redditor talked about how freeloaders made excuses to the officials to travel without proper tickets. In her post, she highlighted that this isn’t just about free travelling but about traveller’s safety in the trains.

Redditor With 1AC Ticket Share How Ticketless Travellers Became A Hassle

Even 1st AC isn’t free from freeloaders
byu/kriticalmission inindianrailways

Reddit user, @kriticalmission, recently shared her experience of travelling with ticketless passengers in 1AC coach in the ‘Indian Railways’ subreddit. In her post, she mentioned that while travelling from Hubli to Hyderabad, some people “hopped on to the 1st AC coach” and sat right outside their coupe. When they complained about this, the coach attendant responded but the freeloaders refused to leave!

According to her post, they made excuses like “Baccha hai”, “next station mein utar jaayenge”, and “baahar hi baithenge” as they refused to move from their place outside her coupe. This frustrated the Redditor who mentioned how “despite raising the issue they got away with it.” This incident made her question why people like us even “bother paying extra for the sake of safety if this is what we have to deal with?”

What’s worse is that some people called her “entitled.” To this, she responded that the issue isn’t about “segregation” but about following rules. And how some people are getting away with it while others have to pay and still suffer.

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Netizens React & Share Their Two Cents On This

ticketless travellers
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Hundreds of comments flooded this post and people shared their own experiences and how this situation has got worse in recent times. Some people were so angered that they mentioned travelling without a ticket was the way to go from here. Scroll on to read some of these comments.

ticketless travellers

ticketless travellers

People even asked about how they can file complaints and make sure these incidents do not happen in the future.


What’s your take on this entire matter? Let us know in the comments below.

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