Kapil Sharma’s Mantra For Success Is…

Making core memories with your loved ones is a healthy and lovable thing to do.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Kapil Sharma’s Mantra For Success Is…

The host and comedian of Netflix’s ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’, Kapil Sharma joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, for this episode of Tere Gully Mein. The episode was full of laughter, as usual, great food and endless stories about his life. We discovered that he began working at quite an early age. From ₹500 as his salary to flying out in private jets to successful comedy shows and more, he has truly come a long way. Scroll to know what he has to say about success.

Kapil Sharma Said This About Success

We had a delightful session of exploring Amritsar with Kapil who took us to his significant places like theatre school, house, favourite food spots and more. During this exploration trip, Kamiya noticed one thing, a massive bunch of people from these places knew Kapil and were so warm and happy to see him. This excellent quality and bonding with people immediately struck her and she kept a note of this.

We drove to our next destination, cruising on the roads towards the India-Pakistan border and talked a lot. Kamiya addressed how many people in his hometown have known him for such a long time. Kapil was straightforward with us and said that it truly is all about the memories you build with your loved ones.

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He said that you end up cherishing those memories for the rest of your life because when you connect with your long-distance friends, you do not talk about your money. You reminisce about the hilarious moments back in school or college days. That is exactly what real wealth is, according to him.

When Did He Become Famous, According To Him?

Kapil Sharma Tere Gully Mein
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We asked him when was the exact moment he realised he was famous and he revealed that he was in a regional channel before starring in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge show which was telecasted on a national channel. This shift was huge for him and he was extremely elated for it. Later, he won the 2007’s The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and was on a news channel. Both these instances made him feel quite famous.

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Let us know if you also think that money can’t buy happiness and memories are the real treasure or if you think otherwise.

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