6-Year-Old Becomes The Youngest Indian Origin Singaporean To Climb To The Everest Base Camp

by Shreya Ghosh
6-Year-Old Becomes The Youngest Indian Origin Singaporean To Climb To The Everest Base Camp

Many dream of climbing Mount Everest but only a few can conquer the barriers and fulfil their dream. This time, a young boy reached the Everest base camp and his age will surprise you. Meet Om Madan Garg, a 6-year-old Indian-origin boy who climbed to the base camp and inspired millions to pursue their dreams of climbing mountains. Read on to know about his exceptional journey.

Om Madan Garg Becomes The Youngest Singaporean To Reach The Everest Base Camp

Getting recognised by the Singapore Book of Records is a huge deal and Om did it as just a 6-year-old boy. He achieved the feat of climbing the base camp in Nepal and is now the youngest Singaporean to do so. Om started the journey with his father Mayur Garg and his mother Gayatri Mahendram on 28 September. Also, a guide and two porters tagged along with them. Accompanied by his parents on this 10-day adventurous journey, they reached their destination in the month of October.

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The best part is that you can too enjoy and experience their journey to the Everest base camp. Ask us how! Well, the family filmed many glimpses and snippets of their 10-day adventure and shared the videos on their YouTube channel named The Brave Tourist. They made a series of seven videos and we are quite certain that these are full of insights and surely a lot of fun to watch.

Their Destination Was At An Altitude Of 5,364 Metres

Om and his parents trekked to reach the south base camp in Nepal. The family covered a trekking journey of 65 km in these 10 days and reached the Everest base camp nestled at a height of 5,364 metres. The journey has not been the easiest, especially with a child but it couldn’t diminish Om’s passion for trekking. He is a braveheart and conquered all the barriers to clinch his achievement. During the difficult moments on the journey, cookies, lollipops, and raisins kept him focused on this once-in-a-lifetime trekking journey. 

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Om entered the world of trekking when he was just two-and-a-half months old. His parents took him on trips to Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. He is so fascinated with such things since such a young age and we can only imagine what more great experiences are in store for the little one!

Cover Image Courtesy: Youtube/ The Brave Tourist