61% Office Goers Want Commute Time To Be Included In Their Work Hours

by Angel Srivastava
61% Office Goers Want Commute Time To Be Included In Their Work Hours

Ever calculated how much of your time you spend travelling between your home and office? The time spent commuting to and from work can often add around 4-5 hours to your working hours. This happens to be the least productive and most tiring part of the day as well, especially if you are the one driving. In fact, 60 percent of Indian office goers want their commute to be included in their working hours and we totally agree.

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What Is It?

According to an IGW Global Workspace survey, around 61% Indian workers believe they waste a lot of time during travelling, and thus that time should be included in their work hours. 41 percent people said that travelling to and from work is their least favourite part of the day.

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Furthermore, the study also revealed 80 percent Indian companies are introducing flexible working to help attract and retain customers. Flexible working is being considered by many to be the new norm for business if they seek to achieve productivity and agility.

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People prefer flexible working as it helps them to maintain the work/life balance. In fact from all the respondents, half of them claimed to work outside their main office location for at least half of the week.

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What’s More?

This study was based on the insights of over 15,000 professionals. These professionals belonged to different industries from over 80 different countries. The industries were represented from some of the top-ranked employees such as senior managers, and business owners.

This study proved that the businesses that had not adopted the flexible workplace policy faced a huge risk of losing some of their best employees because 31% employees globally, and 49% in India have more priority to the workplace having a flexible working policy than having a reputed job role.

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This doesn’t sound all that bad considering that people work a nine-hour shift, and then with all the time spent traveling, people are bound to get exhausted, not just physically, but mentally as well. They need some personal time for themselves and their family, and the best way to achieve that is by implementing the flexible working policy. Many people do not understand the difference and end up losing employees.