63-Year-Old Neena Gupta Is On A Solo Trip To Greece & This Is How We Want To Live Our 60s

Neena Gupta
by Shreya Ghosh

Our life after the 60s is for enjoying retirement. Taking good care of ourselves, eating, spending time with family, and travelling maybe once a year; are most retired people’s dreams. Well, dreams vary from person to person but the ultimate goal is to enjoy life to the fullest. Travelling with family is great but a solo trip at this age seems a bit out of the blue to many people. Well, Neena Gupta knows how to live her dreams and now she is on a solo trip at the age of 63 years. With everything she does, she makes sure to spread the lesson that your age is not a number to justify what you should and should not do in life.

Neena Gupta Is On A Solo Trip To Greece

The Bollywood actress is travelling the world and we are absolutely loving her journey. She keeps uploading fun videos and small glimpses of her solo trip to Greece and it is surely encouraging us to take out time and pack our bags to fly to our dream destinations. Currently, she is at Santorini and just yesterday she uploaded snippets from here on her Instagram stories. She has been to Italy, San Pantaleo, Porto Cervo, Santorini, and so many more iconic destinations.

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She Is An Inspiration To All Of Us

At the age of 63 years, embarking on a solo trip to a foreign unknown land might seem difficult but Neena Gupta does it gracefully. She is inspiring everyone from solo travellers to young people to older people to travel more and live their lives to the fullest. A solo trip might seem scary but it is an unforgettable experience. Netizens are clearly loving her travel videos and her enthusiasm and gleefulness.


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The comment section of her Instagram travel videos is full of ‘We want more videos’. Everyone is full of excitement to watch her living her dreams and taking a solo trip in her 60s. Making your life adventurous even in the 60s never seemed so beautiful.