Here’s Why You Must Fly To Mauritius To See The Seven Coloured Earth

by Pavitra Parekh
Here’s Why You Must Fly To Mauritius To See The Seven Coloured Earth

Beaches in Mauritius are beautiful but if you are a hyperactive soul like me, you will end up looking for alternatives after day 3. So, here’s a perfect plan for the day when you need a break-from-the-beach. We highly recommend you head to Chamarel to see nature’s attempt at abstract art – Seven Coloured Earth.

A piece of land in the midst of a tropical jungle that has seven different colours

Did You Ask, How?

The bedrock here is an old volcanic basalt rock and the many different colours visible are due to continuous weathering and decomposition of that rock into clay minerals. The diverse colours that you’ll get to see here are believed to be a result of molten rock cooling at different external temperatures.

You aren’t allowed to step on the coloured dunes. However, there is a small network of trails with observation decks that allow you a pretty close look. Why? Well, it is only a precautionary measure to preserve the site and ensure that everyone doesn’t just go about collecting this precious sand.


Another interesting feature of this popular tourist attraction is that the dunes don’t seem to erode in spite of the area witnessing a decent bit of rainfall. This barren piece of land is ironically located in the middle of a dense forest.


All in all, this is definitely something you won’t get to see at a lot of places. Also, it makes for a good break-from-the-beach day. While it’s a pretty sight, please don’t go expecting massive mounts like some of the pictures might lead you to imagine or you’re just going to be disappointed. It is in fact quite a small area of only around 7,500 square metres.

 Where Is It?

This geological formation found in the Chamarel plain of the Riviere Noire District in south-west Mauritius is a small area that comprises sand of seven different colours.

Approximately 46 km from Port Louis, it’s going to be a rather long drive depending on which part of Mauritius you stay in.

Best Time To Visit

Plan your visit on a bright sunny day. That’s when the colours appear most vivid. A visit on a cloudy day could be quite underwhelming.

While You Are There

Club it with a couple of other attractions such as the The Curious Corner of Chamarel & Chamarel waterfalls. Located just opposite the 7 coloured earth entrance in the Chamarel village, with an impounding façade, on a winding hilly road, the Curious Corner is a house filled with a variety of astounding delusional fantasies.

Also, you can make a pitstop at the waterfall before you reach the seven coloured earth. The road is a circuit and you won’t cross the falls on your way out. The waterfalls are the testimony to the volcanic activity that lasted several million years. Infact, the flow is two lava points of different ages.

Black River Gorges is another attraction which is only 10 minutes away from Chamarel. It is a wild expanse of rolling hills and thick forest covering roughly 2% of the island’s surface.

The next place is the Chamarel restaurant. Nestled high up in the Black River mountains, it boasts one of the islands most spectacular views and culinary treats. Dense forests, majestic blues, great dining experience… it promises to be the break you need.

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Apply: Mosquito repellent

Distance: Almost 80 km from North Island

How To Get There: Hire a Cab

Entry Fee: Rs. 850 approx (FREE for children below 5 years of age)

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