7 Single Malts From India That Are Bottled Work Of Art And You Want Them To Grace Your Bar

by Tejashee Kashyap
7 Single Malts From India That Are Bottled Work Of Art And You Want Them To Grace Your Bar

Over the past few decades, Indian single malt whisky has gained recognition for its exquisite taste, unique character, and impeccable craftsmanship. While the liquid inside these bottles is undoubtedly a testament to India’s prowess in whisky-making, the aesthetic appeal of the bottles themselves should not be underestimated. From the traditional and ornate to the modern and minimalist, each bottle design of these single malts from India tells a story, here are our best finds:

Amp Up The Aesthetics With These Single Malts From India

1. Amrut Fusion


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This bottle is a true representation of the fusion between tradition and modernity. The sleek design is adorned with intricate detailing reminiscent of Indian artistry. The label features a blend of classic Indian patterns and contemporary typography, creating a harmonious fusion much like the whisky it contains. In addition, the amber liquid inside is visible through a clear glass panel on the front giving the promise of a flavour explosion.

Cost: ₹5200 (Mumbai)

2. Diwali Collector’s Edition 2023, Indri

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Distilled at the foothills of the Himalayas, Indri is another must-have. But more than that the elongated, slender bottle is encased in a luxurious wooden box that evokes a sense of opulence. The bottle is adorned with Indian florals and motifs in bright hues.  Moreover, the flavours of this whisky is similar to that of the packaging–your senses go to a myriad of flavours such as candied dried fruits, toasted nuts, subtle spices, oak, bittersweet chocolate and more.

3. Jugalbandi #1, Rampur

This variant of Rampur’s single malt showcases a unique bottle design that sets it apart. The bottle’s shape is a fusion of traditional and modern elements.  Additionally, it’s the fusion and blend of two colours on the bottle that symbolises the whisky. The black-saffron colour blend denotes the bespoke Moscatel casks from Portugal that make up the unique flavour profile of sweetness and complex spiciness.

Cost: ₹10,088 (Mumbai)

4. Mars Orbiter, Paul John

Paul John’s Mars Orbiter, produced by John Distilleries, is a whisky that exudes elegance, and its bottle design reflects just that. Moreover, the whisky inside is as brilliant as its name suggests, and the bottle serves as a fitting vessel for this liquid gold. Similar to the transparent glass bottle with its regal shape showcasing its alluring amber hue, the strong and powerful peat scents of the whisky has hints of orange peel and sweet barley.

Cost: ₹38,000 (Goa)

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5. Epitome Reserve Peated Single Malt Whisky

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This second edition of United’s Epitome Reserve whisky embodies a grandeur spirit. The packaged bottle comes in delicate shades of crimson and maroon. The drink and the bottle both make reference to ‘rooted and risen’ and honour the durability of a banyan tree. Moreover, the non-chill filtered whisky is completed in cabernet sauvignon barrels after maturing in ex-bourbon barrels in Goa.

Cost: ₹8200 (Goa)

6. GianChand


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Crafted by Devans Modern Breweries based in Jammu, GianChand single malt stands out with its contemporary and stylish bottle design.  The design is minimalistic yet captivating, making it a perfect reflection of the whisky inside—smooth, modern, and undeniably golden.

Cost: ₹4490 (Delhi)

7. Longitude 77

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Not the classic whisky bottle and the typography you’d expect, this whisky and its modern design reflects the brand’s innovative spirit and the changing landscape of Indian whisky production. However, the bottle’s shape is reminiscent of classic, tall whisky bottles. It may evoke a sense of nostalgia while introducing Indian whisky to a new generation. Moreover, the pack also features a stamp depicting the map of India. You can take it as a symbol that commemorates the best of what India has to offer to the world.

Cost: ₹4500 (Goa)

Indian single malt whisky bottles are more than just containers. They are works of art that reflect the rich cultural tapestry and craftsmanship of India. Whether you are a whisky connoisseur or an admirer of fine aesthetics, these gorgeous-looking Indian single-malt whisky bottles are a sight to behold.

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