70% Of UAE Travellers Opt For Digital Wallets On Trips; Travel The Most To India, Egypt and Saudi Arabia

UAE outbound travellers embrace digital payments & sustainable tourism trends.

by Deeplata Garde
70% Of UAE Travellers Opt For Digital Wallets On Trips; Travel The Most To India, Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Amidst the dynamic world of outbound travel, UAE globetrotters are leading the charge towards a future marked by digital convenience and sustainable exploration. According to Visa’s 2023 Global Travel Intentions Study, a remarkable 70% of UAE travellers are replacing traditional payment methods in favour of digital wallets. This in turn is reshaping their travel experiences on a global scale. Let’s delve deeper into the realm of UAE outbound travel and uncover the prevailing trends shaping this vibrant landscape.

Here Are Some Insights From The UAE Outbound Travel

Charting Jet-Setting Trends and Prioritising Flexibility

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The study uncovers an unprecedented surge in travel activity among UAE Residents, with sought-after destinations like India, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia dominating the itinerary. Despite the escalating costs, an impressive 77% of travellers display unwavering enthusiasm, embarking on an average of two international trips spanning 10 days each in the past year. Prioritising relaxation, family reunions, and adventurous pursuits, UAE travellers enthusiastically embrace the thrill of exploration.

Understanding Spending Habits and Payment Preferences

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From indulging in fashion splurges to savouring gourmet dining experiences, UAE travellers spare no expense in crafting enduring memories abroad. Digital wallets have emerged as the preferred mode of payment, offering unparalleled convenience and security throughout the journey. With 85% expressing pre-trip payment concerns, Visa’s seamless integration of benefits and enhanced security features ensures peace of mind and financial flexibility for travellers.

Embracing Sustainable Travel Options

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In a commendable effort to minimise their environmental footprint, an astounding 73% of UAE travellers actively seek out sustainable travel choices. From opting for eco-friendly accommodations to embracing energy-efficient transport options, sustainability becomes ingrained in the ethos of conscientious travellers. However, the challenge lies in accessing comprehensive information, underscoring the imperative for greater awareness and accessibility in sustainable tourism initiatives.

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Visa’s Pivotal Role In Enhancing Travel Experiences

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As travellers embark on their journeys, Visa emerges as a steadfast ally. Also, it offers an array of benefits to enrich their itinerary. From exclusive discounts on hotel stays to seamless concierge services, Visa empowers travellers to curate bespoke vacation experiences with ease. Moreover, Visa’s unwavering commitment to safety and security ensures that travellers explore with confidence, knowing their financial assets are safeguarded against potential risks.

In Conclusion

In an era characterised by digital innovation and environmental consciousness, UAE outbound travellers are at the forefront of a transformative travel paradigm. With Visa as their trusted partner, they embark on journeys of discovery. Overall, together will be weaving unforgettable tales and leaving an indelible mark on the global travel landscape. Also, as the world beckons to intrepid adventurers, the future of outbound travel in the UAE shines with boundless potential.

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