8.5 Richter Earthquake To Hit The Himalayas

by Kritika Kukreja 1069

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According to scientific studies, an earthquake with magnitude 8.5 might hit the Himalayan range in the near future.

What Is It?

A study has been conducted by the Geological Survey of India and Google Earth, an earthquake of 8.5 magnitude or higher will be hitting the Himalayan range in the near future. An 8.1 earthquake hit Nepal in 2010 claiming 9000 lives and causing destruction of a lot of property and in 2001, Gujarat was hit with a 7.7 magnitude that also claimed the lives of 13,000 people. But the one which might be hitting the Himalayan range in the near future is going to be much worse.

Why Is It Happening?

The Himalayan range was hit with a massive earthquake in the 15th century which opened up a 600 km stretch of land. Since then, there have been occurrences of small intensity earthquakes, but the Himalayan range is overdue for a massive one.

Until now, the small intensity earthquakes in Himachal have been overlooked, but these were indications to a big one coming up. In 2016, a study was released by University of Colorado Boulder’s Department of Geological Sciences that after the earthquake in Nepal in 2015, the Himalayan range has pending strain waiting to be released.