8 Instagrammable Spots In Dubai To Click Viral-Worthy Pics When You Get Your Hands On iPhone 15

by Anupriya Mishra
8 Instagrammable Spots In Dubai To Click Viral-Worthy Pics When You Get Your Hands On iPhone 15

Tim Cook unveiled the gorgeous new range of iPhone 15 series. With four new smartphones boasting new and improved looks and designs, they’ve been the talk of the town. As the newest iPhone will be available for pre-order from September 15 onwards, it’s worth noting that it will be available for sale from September 22 onwards. And of course, the new series has a better camera, making your pictures appear a lot sharper. So, here’s a look at the best Instagrammable spots in Dubai where you can click viral-worthy pictures, once you get your hands on iPhone 15.

Instagrammable Spots In Dubai

1. Burj Khalifa


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With the massive skyscraper offering a panoramic view of the surrounding cityscape, it’s certainly one of the most sought-after locations among tourists and locals alike. And so, it’s hardly surprising that this is one of the most Instagrammable spots in Dubai and even in the whole world. The spectacular building has also previously topped several lists, for instance, it was in the top three most Insta-worthy locations in the world.

2. Sky Views Observatory

Sky Views Observatory in Dubai is another pretty spectacular place where you can take in the dazzling view of Dubai. Taking sightseeing to new heights, you get a spellbinding 360° view of the city from 219.5 m above Downtown Dubai. Here you can also choose to partake in thrilling activities like Edge Walk, which basically lets you walk around the edge of the building with a safety harness, situated on the 53rd floor.

3. Dubai Balloon

Dubai Balloon is a fairly new addition to the emirate. This balloon ride near Atlantis is situated 300 m in the sky. For the purpose of perspective, it’s as high as a 100-storey building! So from here, you can get to marvel at the stunning shape of the Palm Jumeirah, while you take in the incredible view of the city and its twinkling skyline. The fantastic camera of your phone is surely going to capture this moment that you will be able to cherish and share with your followers on social media.

4. Dubai Global Village

Dubai Global Village is reopening this October 18th, and its vibrant atmosphere is sure to make it one of the top Instagrammable spots in the city. With many exciting performances, shops, delicious, food, and country pavilions on display, it’s certainly one of the most famed tourist spots in Dubai. As more than 80 cultures come together to celebrate diversity, the vibe is absolutely unmatched.

5. Museum Of The Future

The Museum of the Future is not just famous among the people of Dubai but even amongst tourists from across the world, such as Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth. Open to people of all ages, they can come to see, touch, and shape the shared future at this unique building made from stainless steel. Since the museum has been divided floor-wise, each of these floors is dedicated to a special theme. So, this means you can experience the future of space travel and living, climate change & ecology, health, and even wellness and spirituality.

6. Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is another spectacular landmark in the emirate that’s opening soon again for the newest season. Known as the world’s largest natural flower garden, it’s home to 150 million flowers, making it a highly Instagrammable destination. The breathtaking garden was launched on Valentine’s Day in 2013 and since then, it has opened every year for a limited period of time where people can come in and bask in the glory of the blooming flowers. As the park is spread over a whopping 72,000 m², the stunning floral structures are you sure to make you want to click a gazillion pictures.

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7. Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina
Pic credits: Canva

Dubai Marina is not exactly a place but a residential district. Home to some of the best eateries and the perfect place to go yachting, this area is quite picture-perfect. What is special about this place is that it covers 50,000,000 ft.² of seafront and has a jaw-dropping backdrop of luxurious skyscrapers. So, whether you decide to take a walk along the promenade or take a ride on the yacht, there will be ample opportunity for you to click fantastic pictures.

8. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Another pretty fantastic place where you will be compelled to take out your phones to click tons of pictures is Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Home to over 140 species, this place is carefully designed to let visitors watch some of their most adored aquatic residents. They’re all living in the 10 million litre tank that features everything from 300 sharks and rays! You will find everything from a penguin encounter to an otter encounter. There is also a special Aquarium Tunnel, which is super fascinating, as you are surrounded by exquisite sea creatures while you walk through the 48 m long tunnel that takes you 11 m under the surface.

So, make sure to visit these places, once you get your hands on the newest iPhone! After all, who would want to miss out on clicking stunning pictures using the upgraded camera system?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva & apple.com