8 Outrageous That You Will ONLY Get To See In Dubai

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
8 Outrageous That You Will ONLY Get To See In Dubai

No one does ‘World’s Best’ better than Dubai- agree? While you might know it all about the world’s tallest building and the pristine beaches, there are a few things about the city no one would have ever told you. And, the best part is- these are downright CRAZY!

From a surreal underwater suite to an ATM that dispenses gold bars and a tennis court kissing the clouds, here are eight outrageous things you will find only in Dubai.

1. An Underwater Experience

Inside the Dubai Mall is a life-sized indoor aquarium that is almost 75 feet long and 26 feet tall. This gives mall-goers a stunning view of marine life. In case you want to do more than just watching the marine creatures, you could actually swim with the sharks too!

Wait, that’s not all! The city also lets you experience living underwater in a private setting. Check into Atlantis’ private underwater suite and you’ll know what life’s like deep underwater. The only hitch- this experience might set you back by AED 30,120.24 per night.

2. All Things Gold

Have you ever thought of withdrawing a gold bar from an ATM? Well, Dubai has that too! The next time you’re in Dubai doesn’t forget to stop by the ATM machine that gives you gold bars. These machines also dispense gold cards and gold coins. And, these machines are actually refilled twice a week!

And if that didn’t wow you, Dubai also uses gold in edible form. From gold samosas to 24-Karat gold burgers and cocktails made with diamonds (yes, that’s a thing), you can indulge in a truly ‘Royal’ meal! The Sky View Bar at the Burj Al Arab has a cocktail made of diamonds. ‘Diamonds are forever’ comes in a stunning Swarovski cocktail glass made with a diamond stem. And, you get to keep it too!

Credits: raynatours.com

3. A Haven For Supercars

Car lovers are in for a royal treat in Dubai. Prepare yourself to spot all kinds of cars on street- the ones that have been heavily modified to even the ones that got a ‘golden’ makeover. And even better- if you order food in Dubai, you get the royal treatment as the food gets delivered in Ferraris or Jaguars, rearing to deliver your food in under 30 minutes.

The Dubai police own the dreamy cars you can never ever think of. From a swanky Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG to a Bentley Continental GT, an Audi R8, a Mercedes G class Brabus, a Nissan GTR and a Mercedes SL 63, the list will make you dizzy. And the recent addition to this fleet is a Maserati GranTurismo, reaching speeds of 300km/h.

Credits: bornrich.com

4. Exotic Pets

Ever thought of cuddling a cheetah or taking a lion on a stroll? This was legal in Dubai, until very recently! The Royals owned lions, tigers and even cheetahs as pets and one could easily spot these ‘wild’ pets chilling in the car. Bizarre enough? However, the practice was banned in 2017.

Credits: asianews.it

5. Indoor Ski Resorts

Dubai has a full-fledged ski resort, all located indoors! The Mall of the Emirates has an indoor arena called Ski Dubai, where you can go skiing even when it’s hot and sultry outside. There are slopes for beginners and the experienced. In addition, the ski arena also has ski games for kids to enjoy while you get your skiing lessons. And lastly, don’t forget to savour the hot choc0late at the Avlanche cafeTo top it, there are even penguins flocking around, to make the experience more realistic.

Credits: Ski Dubai Facebook
Credits: Ski Dubai Facebook

6. High Rise Tennis Courts

If you’re an avid tennis player and you want to experience playing tennis at the sky level, head to the Burj Al Arab hotel. The court stands at over a thousand feet in the air and you might want to skip this if you fear heights. The view is stunning, but you need to make sure your serves are measured, lest your ball is going to be lost forever. The tennis court also doubles as a helipad.

Credits: Burj Al Arab

7. The Tallest Building In The World

A lot is said and heard about Dubai’s original hero- the Burj Khalifa. Standing at 2,717 feet tall, the tower has 163 floors, complete with nightclubs, swimming pools and the fancy Armani hotel. In addition, the building is also home to corporate offices and private residences. And now, the Burj Khalifa is home to the world’s highest lounge. Talk about hi-tea with stunning views!

Credits: Burj Khalifa Facebook
Credits: Burj Khalifa Facebook

8. Temperature Controlled Indoor City

Officially named the Mall Of The World, the 48 million square feet structure is said to be the largest shopping and entertainment on earth. The mall will boast a covered amusement park, residences, hotels, shops and much more. All of these will be connected by fully-air conditioned pathways and five miles of covered, temperature-controlled streets. So, you don’t have to sweat it out to see the magnificence.