₹820 For Popcorn & Pepsi? Noida PVR’s Bill Goes Viral As Man Says Going To Cinemas Is Unaffordable

by Sanjana Shenoy
₹820 For Popcorn & Pepsi? Noida PVR’s Bill Goes Viral As Man Says Going To Cinemas Is Unaffordable

Confession time! I never order snacks and drinks while watching a movie in a theatre. I’d rather sit empty-stomached, enjoy the film and later treat myself to a lavish meal instead of ordering eatables that end up costing more than the ticket itself. Perhaps, many would call this robbing away the cinema-viewing experience. Well, recently, a man shared a picture of his ₹820-bill from Noida PVR for just popcorn and Pepsi. And I rest my case.

Snack Bill At Noida PVR Goes Viral!

Tridip K Mandal, a renowned journalist and the Creative Head of The Quint took to Twitter to prove why cinema-theatre attendance is in the decline. Taking to his Twitter handle @tridipkmandal, he shared a picture of his bill from PVR Noida. He supplements the picture with a caption. ₹460 for just 55g of Cheese Popcorn, ₹360 for 600ml Pepsi, a total bill of a whopping ₹820 at Noida’s PVR Cinemas, he writes. 

He goes on to add that this amount is almost equal to the annual subscription to Amazon Prime. Well, in his words, he isn’t surprised that people don’t go to the cinemas anymore. Movie watching in theatres with family has become more unaffordable. Multiplexes have often been criticised for its exorbitantly-priced snacks.

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Tweeple Debate About Snacking In The Movie Theatre

His tweet garnered over 1.6 million views, 20.7k likes and 4128 retweets. @ShadabMozaffar comments that he always keeps all his OTT subscriptions active. In his words, going to cinemas isn’t costly but munching snacks is 500 per cent costly. @CAnkurBansal points out that cinema halls must compensate for the losses somewhere.

@imaheshpatidar states that the most interesting thing is that there is often just a ₹10 difference between medium and large popcorn. @KshitijAMalve wonders why people have to buy popcorn in the theatre in the first place. The Twitterati suggests people eat at home or dine at the food court late. So, he urges people to experience movies on the big screen and not let expensive snacks deprive them of the joy.

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Meanwhile, how do you tackle the infamous question every time you head to the theatre— to snack or not to snack?