A 15 Year Old Girl Travelled 10 Cities In 18 Days Coz Of A Gaming App

by Mrunal Mahajan
by Mrunal Mahajan 523

This 15-year-old girl went missing from her Uttarakhand house on the 1st of July. She visited 10 cities in the span of 18 days as she was under the influence of a South Korean game called, Taxi Driver 2. She was caught by Delhi Police in Kamla Market of Delhi on Thursday after she got into an argument with a rickshaw driver.

In this game Taxi Driver, the driver picks up a passenger and drops them off to their location and tackles all the difficulties that come his way. She was so involved that she wanted to play the character of a Taxi Driver in real life. While she was playing this game she visited different cities and travelled from one place to another.

Image Credits: towardsdatascience.com

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When she left from her Pant Nagar house in Udham Singh district of Uttarakhand she stole ₹12,000 and got into a bus for Kichha town and her next stop was Bareilly. From Bareilly, she boarded on a bus for Lucknow and then left for Jaipur. She travelled to Jodhpur, Udaipur Ahmedabad and Pune.

She was going back and forth, visited Delhi thrice during her journey. The gaming application Taxi Driver took her places and the police said she was ‘deeply involved’ in that game. All this while she was travelling from buses and as she wasn’t an adult and also did not have an ID card, she used her brother’s email ID to book a bus, said the police.

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Vipul Joshi who was investigating the case said, “We reached Jaipur eight hours after she had left,” as reported by Hindustan Times. The police finally caught her in Delhi when she was fighting the rickshaw driver in Kamla Nagar. The police safely handed her over to her parents in Uttarakhand.

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