A Bird Hit Dubai-Bound FedEx Flight In Delhi Airport. Authorities Declare Full Emergency

by Shreya Ghosh
A Bird Hit Dubai-Bound FedEx Flight In Delhi Airport. Authorities Declare Full Emergency

A full emergency was declared at the Indira Gandhi International Airport just some time back. The Delhi airport authorities had to declare an emergency all of a sudden on Saturday afternoon as a flight suffered a hit. A FedEx flight took off from the airport runway and right after departing, a bird hit the aircraft. If you want to know what happened inside after this sudden situation, read on to know it all.

A FedEx Flight To Dubai Suffered A Strike By A Bird In Delhi Airport. Here’s Why Authorities Declare Full Emergency

Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

The FedEx flight was Dubai bound and it suffered the bird hit a few minutes after taking off from the airport at the national capital. According to a report by India Today, the Delhi authorities went ahead with this decision for a thorough check-up of the aircraft. The plane landed back in Delhi so that the concerned authorities and technicians can inspect whether the plane suffered from any challenges or issues. With proper clearance, the Dubai-bound FedEx flight can take off once again.

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There might be several incidents with an aircraft but getting hit by a bird is not heard of often. Though such cases are unusual there might be chances for the planes to face severe damage. This can even be a major reason for accidents. So to avoid any such problems, Delhi airport authorities declared a full emergency.

Something Very Similar Happened A Few Weeks Ago

Back in February 2023, something very similar happened with an IndiGo flight. The plane was flying to the national capital from Surat. And while taking off from the airport, the IndiGo flight was hit by a bird. Just after that, the flight had to divert its destination and instead flew to Ahmedabad. Later, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation stated that the IndiGo flight flew to Ahmedabad instead of Delhi. Also, it was a safe landing.

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There have been no further updates shared on this sudden incident of a bird hitting the FedEx flight at the Delhi airport. We shall update you with more news on this incident shortly.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons