A Delhi Restaurant Serves Illusion Biryani & Netizens Are Saying It’s Khayali Pulao!

by Shreya Rathod
A Delhi Restaurant Serves Illusion Biryani & Netizens Are Saying It’s Khayali Pulao!

Biryani — the most delicious rice dish ever! Thinking of this Persian-origin dish made with rice, meat and a lot of spices makes our mouths water. It is so popular that there is a comparison between restaurants about who serves the tastiest biryani. Well, beyond everyone’s expectations and the casual comparison, this restaurant has introduced an illusion biryani — or khayali pulav as Indians say.

Illusion Biryani, Really?


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A food blogger named ‘delhifoodnest’ posted a video on Instagram about a Delhi cafe. Now, what’s so special about this place? Well, Farzi Cafe in Delhi’s Connaught Place is a vibrant place, but they are known for their ‘Illusion Biryani’. The Instagram video shared by the food blogger showed a clay jar in which the server is shown adding rice, boiled egg and spices. He then seals the jar and starts to shake it. In the final step, the jar is flipped upside down on a plate and you can see biryani — and that too a ready-to-eat one!

People Are Stunned

This video has left many stunned. But what’s sad is that now food is being served and presented like a circus. That’s what one of the users thought. The same user further wrote that the value of food is being lost day by day, but the worst is when a group of culinarians entertain such an idea.

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Others are criticising the dish by calling it khichdi, pulao and whatnot. One of the users called it ‘masala bhat’ which is a Maharashtrian dish that is made with leftover rice.

Farzi Cafe In Delhi

This cafe in Delhi is located in Connaught Place and has a vibrant ambience. It is elegant, and classy and excels in food presentation. They are known for their burgers, pizza, kebabs and biryani. They serve everything from continental to Indian. And not to mention the extensive range of cocktails, wines, whisky and beer that they house. There is a bonus for sports fans. This place also has live sports screening.

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So, if you are willing to try this illusion biryani, Farzi Cafe is your stop. And please comment below and recommend your favourite biryani place!

Cover Image Courtesy: delhifoodnest/ Instagram