A Glass Of Water Will Not Only Quench Your Thirst But Also Curb Cravings, Says New Research

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
A Glass Of Water Will Not Only Quench Your Thirst But Also Curb Cravings, Says New Research

How many times have you cheated on your strict diet because of sudden cravings? A zillion times, right? I am sure you must have promised yourself never to do that again but failed to keep it. Giving in to cravings is never an option, but we know how irresistible they can be. But hey, don’t frown; we have a solution to it. Water! Yes, water not only has the ability to quench your thirst but can also help you curb cravings. How? Keep reading!

A Glass Of Water To Curb Your Cravings

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Selective and non-selective cravings have been distinguished in scientific investigations. Non-selective desires are hazy and frequently cause severe hunger sensations, in contrast to selective cravings, which are distinct and definite.

Consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta said that, about 80 percent of the time, our brain confuses thirst for hunger. The thirst might be caused by mild hydration, but our brain confuses it. 

Electrolyte loss brought on by dehydration interferes with blood flow and the brain’s signalling function. As a result, confusion sets in, and you could start to feel hungry instead of thirsty. 

She mentioned that when you crave food during odd hours of the day, it is actually your brain asking you to drink water. So the next time you crave food, try drinking a glass of water first. 

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Healthy Digestion And Metabolism

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Not only cravings, a few glasses of water every day not only aids in maintaining the right fluid balance but also supports healthy digestion and metabolism. Additionally, drinking water might make you feel full, telling your brain to quit eating and reduce your appetite.

It’s crucial to note that drinking water doesn’t make you eat less; rather, it helps your brain communicate with your stomach in the right way so you can consume the right amount of food for your hunger.

Numerous studies from around the world indicate that drinking two cups of water before a meal can have positive consequences. 

Drinking water before a meal stimulates the metabolism and makes it easier for digestive enzymes to be secreted, which aids in appropriate digestion. By taking up space in your stomach and communicating your satisfaction to your brain, it also gives you a feeling of fullness. (As per NDTV Food)

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