A Limited Edition Chocolate Bar In Cheese And Onion Flavour Exists And Netizens Are Shocked

by Shreya Ghosh
A Limited Edition Chocolate Bar In Cheese And Onion Flavour Exists And Netizens Are Shocked

Chocolate lovers cannot imagine spending a day without treating themselves to some bites of chocolate. No matter if you are having a dull day, a tiring day, or simply an exciting time full of lots of things to do, this yummy confection can surely make your day. The fun part is that there are so many delish flavours of chocolates to try. From orange flavours to classic cocoa, there are lots of interesting variations to try. While some are favourites among foodies, there are so many flavours that just do not make any sense. Such a weird chocolate flavour is making rounds on the Internet and we are speechless!

Cheese And Onion Flavoured Chocolate Bar Is Making Foodies Confused About Their Love For Chocolates!

A Twitter user named Sathnam Sanghera (@Sathnam) shared a photo of the much-talked-talked chocolate bar in the cheese and onion flavour. This is a chocolate bar from the world-famous brand Tayto. The packaging also mentions that it is a milk chocolate bar with real Tayto cheese and onion crisp pieces. Well, we can completely relate to you if you are feeling disgusted just seeing this.

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Sathnam Sanghera wrote in the caption of his tweet that he loves chocolates and cheese and onion crisps. Yet the combination of both these food items is still the worst combination in the history of confectionery and we are agreeing with him on this. We love to munch on these simple food items at any time of the day but we cannot really digest the fact that a chocolate bar infused with cheese and onion flavours exists in the world.

Twitterati Is In Utter Shock!!!

The tweet has gained the attraction of chocolate lovers from different corners of the world. Shared on 14 April 2023, the post currently has more than 60K likes with tons of comments where Netizens are expressing their disappointment with this unbelievable flavoured chocolate.

Here’s how the foodies and chocolate lovers are reacting to the cheese and onion-flavoured sweet. This combo is just not working for most people.

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Will you ever try this cheese and onion-flavoured chocolate bar made by Tayto?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Sathnam Sanghera (@Sathnam)