Tandoori Chicken Ice Cream Drizzled With Chocolate Sauce Is A Food Monstrosity No One Asked For

by Sanjana Shenoy
Tandoori Chicken Ice Cream Drizzled With Chocolate Sauce Is A Food Monstrosity No One Asked For

There are times in life you wonder if the world is truly heading towards the Kali Yug. It’s not a coincidence that for foodies like me, this thought comes exactly when we come across a bizarre, indigestible food trend that leaves us with an unpleasant feeling in our mouths and churning sensations in our stomachs. Mind you, we haven’t even tasted the dish, just had a glimpse of it on the Internet. Now, tandoori chicken ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce is leaving us with this exact same feeling.

Video Of Tandoori Chicken Ice Cream Not The Tandoori Night We’re Hoping For!

Mumbaikar Mohammed Futurewala (@MFuturewala) shared a video of a man preparing tandoori chicken ice cream on Twitter. No, it’s not a prank, it’s a legit ice cream flavour. In the video, the vendor first takes pieces of charred, smoky, tandoori chicken and crushed them on a metal pan. Next, he pours cold milk over the crushed chicken. With his metal spatulas, he fuses the tandoori chicken with the milk to create an unusual mixture. 

Now, here’s where things get bizarre! If you thought he was making savoury ice cream, you couldn’t be more wrong! The man goes on to add chocolate chips and chocolate sauce to the meaty mixture and mixes it all together. Then, he spreads this thinly over the metal plan and prepares ice cream rolls. The questionable dish is drizzled with chocolate sauce, and there you have it — Tandoori Chicken Ice Cream at your disposal, more like ready to be disposed of.

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Comments Section Flooded With Puking Emojis & Memes

Mohammed Futurewala sarcastically mentions in his caption that this ice cream is perfect to beat the summer heat. Also, he reminds us that it is protein rich. This video garnered over 7000 views, but the comments section is what actually catches your eye. @teenanz comments that God should ban such people from planet earth. Another asks for mercy from such food trends. But let’s tell you that the comments section is flooded with puking emojis and memes, and rightly so!

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Foodies, did we just spoil your appetite for the day? Or are you planning to ditch your protein shakes and bravely try the protein-rich tandoori chicken ice cream?

Cover Image Courtesy: @MFuturewala/ Twitter