A Neighbourhood In The United States Organized A Stuffed Animal Safari To Entertain Kids At Home

by Gizel Menezes
A Neighbourhood In The United States Organized A Stuffed Animal Safari To Entertain Kids At Home

Imagine stepping out of your home for a quick grocery run and spotting a tiger and a gorilla lounging together on the same bench in your neighbor’s yard. Or a brown bear hugging a tree. Or something even better, a happy elephant resting by a pole.

Well folks, Welcome to the College Park Safari! A brilliant example of how communities are adapting to the changes brought about in their everyday lives due to the pandemic.

College Park Residents Create A Stuffed Animal Safari For Kids In Their Neighborhood

Residents of College Park, a historic neighborhood in Florida, decided to entertain the little ones in their homes by giving them something to do. So they placed stuffed tigers, koalas, monkeys, and giraffes in their front yards and created a ‘stuffed animal safari’ for them.

So when the kids, along with their parents, stepped out for a bit, they could sight these animals and even make a record of them, making for a pretty exciting stroll/safari.

Lots of people participated in the safari, by hiding animals on trees and bushes, entertaining both kids and adults alike.

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The Safari Has Inspired Many Other Neighborhoods To Follow Suit

The College Park Neighborhood Association had first posted the idea on social media and were overwhelmed by the response it received. While the event started off as a one-day pop-up, it didn’t take much time for it to turn into an all-weekend event.

Using the hashtag #CoPaSafari, the Florida neighborhood posted photos of the event on social media, delighting thousands all over the world. It has also inspired other neighborhoods to do the same, including those in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and Bay Ridge, Maryland.

Who knew simple walks around the neighborhoods could be turned into something this entertaining, right?

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