A Quarter Cup Of Strawberries A Day, Keeps Knee Pain Away; Says Dr Dan Gubler

by Sanjana Shenoy
A Quarter Cup Of Strawberries A Day, Keeps Knee Pain Away; Says Dr Dan Gubler

If you’re suffering from knee pain and have been advised to include more calcium and protein sources in your diet, it could be time to add another important fruit too. Surprisingly, it’s strawberries! Recently, Dr Dan Gubler, a Phytonutrient Chemist, took to social media to inform an important benefit of eating strawberries and that is the alleviation of knee pain.

Strawberries Can Alleviate Knee Pain & Reduce Inflammation


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Dr Dan Gubler, a Phytonutrient Chemist shared an interesting reel on Instagram. In his reel, he states that if you suffer from knee pain, one of the best foods you can eat is strawberries. How many strawberries should you eat to reduce knee pain? He recommends a quarter cup of strawberries every day. Furthermore, he referred to a 2017 clinical study (also shared its link in the comments section) that informs strawberries significantly reduced inflammation. Moreover, overall knee pain suffered by these people in the study also reduced significantly.

Apart from strawberries, he also said blueberries do the same thing too. They also reduce inflammation. So, you can include both strawberries and blueberries in your diet. Netizens quickly took to the comments section to share their opinions on his reel. @linktomanoj comments, “Unlike other insta philosophers, glad to see that your suggestions are backed by evidences.”

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@michaelhendersonmd says, “Dr. @michaelgregermd just shared this same fact in his keynote address at the @aclifemed conference this morning! Bring on the strawberries (frozen strawberries on a stick, or smoothies, are easiest way to get strawberries at this time of the year).” Orleana Lena Marie Plytas says, “Ooooh! I have been craving B 🫐 and 🍓AND I have knee pain! It’s like my body was trying to tell me something! Thanks Doc!”

They Are Rich In Antioxidants & Anti-inflammatory Properties

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Dr Archana Batra, a nutritionist and physiotherapist from Gurugram threw more light on this with The Indian Express. She said that while strawberries aren’t a cure for the same, they can help one support and manage joint health better. The Vitamin C content in strawberries forms collagen. Collagen an important part of the cartilage protects the joints. So, as per Dr Archana Batra consuming foods rich in Vitamin C is the key to reducing knee pain and supporting joint health.

Also, knee pain is usually the consequence of inflammation in the joints. So, anti-inflammatory foods can help alleviate these symptoms. Apart from Vitamin C, strawberries also have anthocyanins which give them their bright red colour. The anti-inflammatory properties of strawberries make them a useful component in joint-friendly diets.

Meanwhile, now that you have an insight into the many benefits of eating strawberries, are you going to add them to your diet to say goodbye to knee pain? Also, do let us know if there are other joint-friendly foods that are part of your diet.

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