A UAE Influencer Pranks A Scammer In A Now Viral Video On Instagram!

by Anupriya Mishra
A UAE Influencer Pranks A Scammer In A Now Viral Video On Instagram!

It’s safe to say that most of us have had to attend at least one phone call that was a scam call with the motive of stealing our banking information. In recent times, these calls have become more rampant and relentless with people now posing even as government employees to fool innocent folks. However, recently, an influencer’s video went viral after she successfully wasted a scammer’s time, as he tried to fool her into giving him her debit card and banking details.

An Influencer, Twinkle Stanly’s Video Of Fooling A Scammer Goes Viral

Scam Call
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Aren’t we all tired of receiving those irritating scam calls? Well, it seems an influencer, Twinkle Stanly had a quirky way of dealing with the situation. Yes, the Khaleej Times in its report mentioned how the social media influencer stalled the scammers by playing dumb! So, the scammer tried to get her to read a debit card number in the garb of verifying the resident’s bank account details after the discovery of illegal activities. In the video, it is revealed that the scammer poses as a policeman and asks for a code that she would receive on her phone. Finally, when the scammer’s frustrated, he agitatedly asked if she was acting dumb. All the while, Twinkle Stanley is seen, trying to hold her laughter!

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UAE Authorities Have Previously Warned Against Such Fraud Calls

Scam Call Alert
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This hilarious incident comes, especially at a time when the UAE authorities have constantly been urging people to steer clear of such scammers and fraudulent calls. The UAE authorities have previously also warned about scammers posing as government officials to steal important banking information for the purpose of making fraudulent transactions. Yes, the UAE’s Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisatin had earlier issued a warning against such scam calls in July 2023.

Coming back to the incident, the influencer’s comments section has been flooded with people hailing her for her wit and congratulating her for effectively wasting the scammer’s time, thereby saving a probable innocent victim.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/twinklestanly