Abu Dhabi Mandates RT-PCR Test & Green Pass For Entry From December 30

by Shrestha Purkayastha
Abu Dhabi Mandates RT-PCR Test & Green Pass For Entry From December 30

With the new variant of coronavirus, grappling the world, many countries have issued new travel restrictions all over again. While many countries have mandated the booster dose, others have imposed quarantine rules. But are you planning to travel to Abu Dhabi any time soon? Vaccinated residents and visitors must have a Green Pass on their AlHosn app. For unvaccinated travellers, RT-PCR test in mandatory. Residents and visitors travelling to Abu Dhabi from within the UAE will need to follow new rules to enter the Emirate. We have answered all your travel queries below:

1. Why Has The Border Procedure Changed?

To strengthen precautionary measures in order to help maintain the low Covid-19 infection rate in the Emirate.

2. What Is The New Process?

Everyone entering Abu Dhabi will now need to undertake a simple, rapid EDE scan via a mobile device.

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3. What Does An EDE Scan Involve?

An operator holds up a mobile scanning device in front of you for several seconds.

4. How Does The EDE Scanner Work?

It uses advanced technology to rapidly detect potential Covid-19 cases by measuring alterations in electromagnetic waves.

Picture Credits: Deccan Herald

5. Will It Store My Image Or Personal Information?


6. What Happens If The Scan Detects A Potential Covid-19 Case?

You will be referred to an on-site testing centre to take a free Covid-19 antigen test.

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7. What Is An Antigen Test?

It detects the presence of antibodies that are produced by Covid-19. A nasal swab sample is collected and labelled with a dye.

8. Will I Have To Pay For The Antigen Test?

No, it is free of charge.

Picture Credits: Reuters

9. How Long Does It Take To Get The Results Of An Antigen Test?

Within 20 minutes.

10. Does The process Apply To International Travellers Arriving From Abroad?

It applies to anyone arriving in Abu Dhabi from within the UAE.

Picture Credits: Bloomberg.com

11. What Happens If An Antigen Test Comes Positive?

  • If you are an Abu Dhabi resident, official health isolation guidelines apply. You will be fitted with a wristband and made to spend your isolation period in your home or in suitable accommodation.
  • If you are from elsewhere, you will need to return to the emirate from which you travelled, and notify the health authority concerned about your test result.

12. Will I Need To Undertake An EDE Scan If My Green Pass On the AlHosn App Is Still Valid?


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