Abu Dhabi Now Has A Long-Term Visa Option For Expats

by Yogita Chainani
Abu Dhabi Now Has A Long-Term Visa Option For Expats

If you are planning to settle in Abu Dhabi, then your dream may come true very soon. How So? Well, Abu Dhabi has launched a campaign ‘Thrive in Abu Dhabi’, which aims to offer long term visas and citizenships to talented expats from around the world. The programme aims to attract creative souls, professionals, sports stars, educators, scientists, healthcare specialists, engineers, students, and investors.

Abu Dhabi Is Inviting People From Various Fields To Be A Part Of The Emirate

If you are looking forward to this opportunity then visit the tamm.abudhabi website or call (02) 666 4442 or 800 555. 

For those in the creative field, Creative Visa will be issued in line with the Department of Culture and Tourism’s (DCT) five-year Culture Sector Strategy for Abu Dhabi. Whereas, for long-term visas, they will also be reserved for entrepreneurs, especially those looking to invest in financial services, ICT, health services and biopharma, AgTech, tourism, and real estate.

Settling In The Emirate Will Give You Access To Best Of The Best Things

Besides this, Abu Dhabi is also focusing on maintaining its diverse skill set. Settling in Abu Dhabi will also give you access to one of the best-connected global trade hubs, a booming private sector, a safe, secure and tolerant society, and a lot more. 

Meanwhile, last year, Dubai too launched a unique new programme enabling overseas remote working professionals to live in Dubai while continuing to serve their employers in their home country.

Abu Dhabi
Pic Credit: Wam.ae

The Programme Offers Remote Workers & Their Families To Re-Locate To The Emirate

The new initiative aims to attract employers across the globe to relocate to Dubai. Applicants will be eligible for all services in Dubai including mobile phone, internet, utilities, and schooling. Besides, they will also be eligible for tax-free salaries, applicable to all UAE residents.

Dubai was recently listed as the second-best among 60 global cities for remote working jobs by the CEOWORLD magazine. With its advanced infrastructure, global connectivity and pro-business ecosystem, the virtual working programme gives Dubai a significant opportunity to enhance business practices and maximise growth.

To apply for the annual programme, click here. The programme costs US$287 plus medical insurance with valid UAE coverage and processing fee per person.

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Criteria For Application

Applicants must have a passport with minimum 6 months validity. In addition, health insurance with UAE coverage validity is also mandatory. All applicants must submit proof of Employment from a current employer with a one-year contract validity, a minimum of US$5,000 per month salary, last month’s payslip and 3 preceding months’ bank statements. In case the applicant is a company owner, proof of ownership of the company for one year or more, with an average monthly income of US$5,000 per month, and 3 preceding months’ bank statements.

So if you have always dreamt of settling in the UAE, this is your chance.