Abu Dhabi Schools To Reopen In August: Here’s What Will Be Different

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Abu Dhabi Schools To Reopen In August: Here’s What Will Be Different

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge on July 21 announced the reopening of schools from 30 August. Children in the emirate will return to school for the next academic year, with strict guidelines in place. Schools will follow four main safe pillars: operations, teaching and learning, staff and student wellbeing and community support.

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Policies & Guidelines For Abu Dhabi Schools

1. Pupils over 6 years of age, must wear facemask at all times, when they return to school after summer. In case they are unable to wear a mask, a face shield is also permitted. All kids must bring two facemasks with them as well as carry a hand sanitizer.

2. Temperature checks before entering the building, social distancing of 1.5 metres for all and an intensive cleaning programme are other guidelines that will be in place.

3. Schools can decide on the mode of teaching that will be implemented. Schools will be given a choice to function full time, in or on alternating days, for half days; alternating weeks; or a combination of these. Full-distance learning will not be permitted and all kids must be enrolled in school. Kids who wish to continue home schooling might have to repeat the academic year. Full time distance education will be available only for kids who have a medical condition. Schools must decide the mode of education by 30 July, 2020. Meanwhile, here are 5 Cinemas That Are Now Open In Dubai.

4. Students in KG and the early primary grades will be grouped into bubbles of 10 pupils, to avoid over crowding.

5. Some schools may also convert non-teaching areas like libraries and gyms into classrooms to ensure social distancing.

6. Play areas inside the school will remain closed, and PE and performing arts lessons will remain suspended until further notice.

7. Kids who fall ill will be quarantined immediately and monitored by  a nurse. The school will then inform the parents.

8. School buses will operate at 50 per cent capacity, and social distancing will be in place. Children will be assigned seats on the bus for the entire term. Parents and children with phones must download the AlHosn app.

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Dubai Schools To Reopen In September

On 22 June, Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) announced on Twitter that schools in Dubai will reopen in September. It further added that a few things might look different, but others won’t change. Besides, schools are making sure children are healthy and safe, and giving them the best learning experience possible. Meanwhile, did you know the Dubai Fountain Has Resumed Operations? 

As per KHDA’s latest update, all schools and universities in Dubai can reopen for the next academic year provided they adhere to certain rules and regulations. Here’s how schools will welcome back students for the next academic year:

Guidelines Schools Will Follow

  1. Regular temperature checks
  2. Reducing classroom capacity
  3. Ensuring strict social distancing measures
  4. Limiting gatherings like assemblies, sports events and other activities that will require large groups of students
  5. Staggered meal times to avoid over crowding
  6. Sterilizing the school premises including all class rooms, libraries, and other activity areas
  7. Ensuring a trained health professional is in campus at all times
  8. School buses will operate at 30% capacity, with temperature checks done prior to boarding

That said, KHDA also added that no one rule will work perfectly for all schools. Each school will operate in a way that best suits them so all guidelines are met. Here are some options schools might pick:

  1. Schools can choose a full return to classrooms. That would mean all students return to classroom at the same time
  2. Continuing distance learning on a part- time basis
  3. Staggered shift basis- where students will be split on basis of shifts

Besides, as of now no decision has been about the reopening of nurseries andnd early learning centres.