Abu Dhabi University Has Started A Happiness Course Across All Campuses

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Abu Dhabi University Has Started A Happiness Course Across All Campuses

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Introduced as part of the official curriculum, the Happiness Course has been launched across campuses in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

What Is It?

Abu Dhabi University (ADU) launches its first happiness course as part of its Public Health Programme. The course focuses on the key requirements that define happiness and positive psychology across all campuses in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

What’s In It?

The first-of-its-kind course has been the latest introduction to the Abu Dhabi University, it lays emphasis on the happiness quotient of an individual’s life and how to thrive in future with the right amount of optimism. In today’s time and age, the happiness course pays attention to positive psychology and how students can focus on their individual well-being.

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It teaches the core components of positive psychology along with the optimistic side of human nature and how an individual can achieve their potential efficiently through optimism. It focuses on the practical application of happiness and positive psychology strategies through classroom activities, group activities and interactions.

This comes after a fruitful outcome of several workshops and training programmes were conducted of the faculty members talking about the concept and notion of happiness and how it will help in the betterment of students’ individual lives as a whole.

The course helps in building confidence in students and being outspoken about their emotions and feelings. It helps in communicating better and understanding others feeling. It also builds on enhancing soft skills that will stay with them forever.

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