Abu Dhabi Will Now Turn Waste Into Green Energy

by Angel Merchant
Abu Dhabi Will Now Turn Waste Into Green Energy

Abu Dhabi has taken a new initiative to make the Earth a better place. The Emirates Water and Electricity Company, along with the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre, have signed a virtual agreement. The capital aims to create two new eco-friendly energy generating plants that will transform waste into energy. As of now, the UAE disposes waste into landfills. However, the new system will be taking the entire city’s waste, and converting it into pure and clean energy. Just how amazing!

There will be three energy plants all over the city- one situated in Al Ain, and the other two will be in the main emirate of Abu Dhabi.

How Does It Work?

The waste plants will convert waste into fuel using garbage. This is then burned to heat water. The steam from the burning is used to drive the large turbines. As a result, we all get free and renewable energy. The new system of energy is not completely emission free as it contains certain levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). However, these levels are much lower than the emissions produced by landfill sites. The plants will process around 1.5 million tonnes of waste every year, which is essentially removing Carbon Dioxide emissions worth 1.5 million tonnes. Thats the same reducing 300,000 cars of the road every year.

The plant within the emirate of Abu Dhabi will be strong enough to power 22,500 homes. The plant in Al Ain will be powering 15,000 homes in the city. This initiative is one of the many that have been taken in order to preserve the environment, and lead a better life. Studies have shown that protecting the environment makes residents happier within the capital.

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What Else?

Abu Dhabi recently took an initiative to eliminate all plastic bags by the year 2021. There have also been a number of other measures taken by the government in order to reduce the use of single use plastic. The UAE has already seen government entities and individual brands starting to use single use plastics. The environment agency has announced the ban of all plastic bags by the year 2020. On 9 March, the environmental agency drafted a number of new measures that the country will take in order to eliminate all plastic.

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