Abu Dhabi’s BAPS Hindu Temple Hosted Diplomatic Representatives From 30 Countries

by Deeplata Garde
Abu Dhabi’s BAPS Hindu Temple Hosted Diplomatic Representatives From 30 Countries

UAE’s most anticipated temple is taking shape and we can’t stop boasting about its grandeur. Sunjay Sudhir, Ambassador of India to the UAE invited a few guests to display the cultural structure which is in progress in full swing. Envoys from 30 countries were invited to be specific to the BAPS Hindu Temple Abu Dhabi.

BAPS Hindu Temple Had Some Guests Over!

Envoys from 30 nations visited the soon-to-be-finished BAPS Hindu Temple complex in Abu Dhabi as a show of cohesion and admiration for other cultures. On May 25, representatives of the diplomatic society from more than 30 nations toured the future BAPS Hindu Temple complex in Abu Dhabi. Sunjay Sudhir gave a briefing before the trip began about the temple’s development since Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the founding stone in 2018.

He characterised the temple project as a representation of the intimate ties that India and the UAE have with one another in terms of history and culture, as well as their shared ideals of cohabitation, harmony, and respect.

Additionally, he briefly highlights the temple’s symbolic portrayal of the links that connect India and the UAE historically and culturally. Ambassador Sudhir gave updates on the temple’s progress throughout the tour. He applauded the leadership of the UAE for its commitment to developing an accepting, ethnically diverse, and cooperative society.

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How Was The Envoy’s Experience?

The delicately created columns, facades, and rafters embellished with cultural symbols from both the UAE and India left the envoys in amazement. They had the chance to speak with Brahmaviharidas Swami, the project’s guiding authority. He’s the man responsible for this upcoming project. He gave envoys an overview of the temple’s features. The temple seeks to be a singular emblem of peace, tolerance, and harmony as well as an architectural marvel. It displays representations of Indian mythology and beliefs from other world religions. Envoys quite rejoiced the informative and marvellous tour at the BAPS Hindu Temple. The Indian expat community who consider the UAE to be their second home as well as Indians everywhere have been eagerly awaiting the completion of this enormous project. When it is finished, it will be even more of a testament to India and the UAE’s long relationship.

Did you get a sneak peek of this upcoming temple?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ BAPS Hindu Temple