Not A Market, But A Destination! Abu Dhabi’s Jubail Island Will Now Have A New Souk! Details Inside

by Deeplata Garde
Not A Market, But A Destination! Abu Dhabi’s Jubail Island Will Now Have A New Souk! Details Inside

Abu Dhabi is welcoming multiple projects this new year. The motive behind this can be building up the city to pad up tourism. A recent development in the city is Jubail Island’s new project called The Souk. But this one ain’t the market you find in the alleyways. Situated at Souk Al Jubail, moulded by the Lead Developments, the Souk will be the connecting link between 6 villages settled across Jubail Island.

The Souk Al Jubail Will Connect 6 Villages


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The Souk is Lead’s most recent proposal for Jubail’s future. Once completed, it will offer low-rise, low-density, opulent housing residences and act as a cutting-edge, eco-friendly community centre for the island’s six planned villages, equipped with a stunning array of amenities.

Jubail Island’s upcoming contemporary and energetic centre serves as the primary connection between the island’s six settlements. It offers people a central location that integrates services for their well-being, connectivity, leisure, shopping, and commerce.

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What Will It Comprise?

The Souk
Pic Creds: Jubail Islands

The Souk has a comprehensive collection of amenities for services and leisure that blur the distinctions between man-made structures and natural surroundings.

Souk, which is in the heart of the city, offers unique creative spaces together with offices and other business services. A mosque, nursery, specialised clinic, sports gym, grocery, and restaurants can be found in the centre.

Similarly to that, The Souk offers inhabitants the chance to acquire a home with a view of the ocean. The development provides prospective buyers with a variety of luxurious dwelling alternatives spread over Jubail Terraces, low-rise structures with three or four levels.

The Souk will undoubtedly be located in Souk Al Jubail. There is a beachfront strip called Marfaa Al Jubail. Seef Al Jubail, often known as The Club, is home to upscale hotels, spas, and wellness facilities. In Nad Al Dhabi, you may discover educational facilities. Additionally, we are aware of the names of the other two communities, Ain Al Maha and Bed’a Al Jubail. The destinations are yet to announce the attractions they will hold in future.

Seem’s like this project might turn up the luxurious scenery of Abu Dhabi.

Cover Image Courtesy: Jubail Island