Abu Dhabi’s Top Parisian Restaurant, Fouquet’s Make Its Debut At Dubai Downtown

by Deeplata Garde
Abu Dhabi’s Top Parisian Restaurant, Fouquet’s Make Its Debut At Dubai Downtown

Dubai is an open hub that is home to multiple international cuisines. It becomes difficult to choose your favourite food. If you are craving to have a French affair in Dubai then we might have a spot upcoming from Abu Dhabi in the Emirates. Downtown Dubai will soon be home to Fouquet, the famous french brasserie.

Renowned French Restaurant Coming To Dubai Downtown

The renowned cafe from Paris is already located in the Louvre Abu Dhabi. The one in Abu Dhabi is the most recognisable structure, and it has placed its eyes on a new UAE location. You may enjoy traditional Parisian experiences thanks to an iconic gastronomic signature at Fouquet.

The launch party might be happening anytime in 2023. Be ready to see panoramic views of Burj Khalifa, Downtown and more sitting from this cafe. How romantic can Parisian restaurants get?
Eat French, watch Emirates is all it’s going to be from this Brasserie.

Not just a place to eat, the french restaurant will own a patisserie, a bar, the classic brasserie, private lounges, and a rooftop.

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What’s On The Menu?

Louis Fouquet was the brainchild of the original Fouquet, which was founded in Paris in 1899. Regarding cuisine, Fouquet has several sites all over the world. But there is one thing that all of these branches have in common, and that is the chef! Chef Pierre Gagnaire is responsible for creating every menu in existence. Therefore, we anticipate that the Dubai cuisine will resemble the Abu Dhabi menu.

Dishes like roasted veal chop with Osso Busco sauce and salmon fillet with asparagus and croutons & carrot veloute with cumin and roasted apricot will feature on the Menu of Fouquet Dubai.

So if you have plans to taste some haute cuisine then you know what to anticipate in Dubai!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Fouquet Abu Dhabi