Actor-Director Manava Naik Shares Scary Incident With Uber Driver, Was Rescued By Locals!

by Shreya Ghosh
Actor-Director Manava Naik Shares Scary Incident With Uber Driver, Was Rescued By Locals!

We often hear about incidents of arguments between cab drivers and passengers or drivers misbehaving with the passengers. In a world where women need to always stay a step ahead for their safety, men threatening them is unfortunately not an unusual thing to hear. Something very similar happened with the Marathi actor and director Manava Naik. Wanna know what really happened? Read on!

Manava Naik Alleges An Uber Driver Misbehaving With Her

The Marathi actress claims that an Uber driver threatened her en route. She took the cab from Bandra Kurla Complex. She recalled her entire experience of taking the cab at 8:15 pm and the conversation between the two. Sharing on Facebook, she recalled the incident that happened on that Saturday evening.

Manava Naik claimed that the driver started talking on the phone while driving as she sat in the cab. She asked him to avoid talking on his mobile during driving but he didn’t listen. Later, he jumped at the BKC signal and Manava objected to him not doing that. Still, the driver didn’t bother to listen to her. In fact, he got into an argument with the traffic police because of violating traffic rules. Again as he started driving, an argument broke out between the two and he started threatening Manava. The driver misbehaved and said, ‘rukh tereko dikhata hoo’ (wait! I’ll show you).

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The situation was turning very scary as the driver was continuously threatening her and kept driving at a high speed. But lastly, 2 bike riders and 1 rickshaw driver cornered the cab and helped Manava Naik to get out of that horrifying situation. It is truly a very frightening experience for anyone.

Mumbai Joint CP Vishwas Nangre Patil Replied To This Post:

Manava tagged Mumbai Police; BMC; Cmo, Maharashtra; Shrikant Eknath Shinde; and Vishwas Nangre Patil under her Facebook post. Mumbai Joint Commissioner of Police Vishwas Nangre Patil commented under the post of Manava recalling the horrible incident with the Uber driver. He commented, ‘Manava ji, we have taken serious cognisance of this grave incident! Dcp zone 8 is working on it and ll book the culprit soonest possible.’

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Manava added a comment under the post today morning confirming that the Mumbai Police have arrested the driver. She wrote, ‘Mumbai Police very promptly have arrested the uber driver… the police assured safety. They were very helpful and must say that each officer was concerned about the case and also my traumatic state of mind. Thank you again Vishwas Nangre Patil. Sir’.

Cover Image Courtesy: Facebook/ Manava Naik