After 6 Years, Tirupati Finally To Get Its First International Flight With Air India This Sept

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
After 6 Years, Tirupati Finally To Get Its First International Flight With Air India This Sept

Tirupati is one of the most important pilgrimage spots in India. The Tirupati Airport was designated an international airport in 2017, but for a number of reasons, foreign services were unable to launch. The Andhra Pradesh government declared that, thanks to government initiatives, international flights would soon depart from the international airport in the temple town of Tirupati. 

Tirupati Finally To Get Its First International Flight

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An international flight is likely to land and take off at Tirupati Airport in September for the first time since the airport was designated as an international airport in 2017. Air India will soon provide flights connecting Tirupati with Kuwait and Kuwait with Tirupati. This would benefit the many Rayalaseema residents who travel to the Middle East.

 As starting bilateral flights between the two nations would take a while, MP Gurumurthy asked the Union Civil Aviation Minister to begin flights to Kuwait under the Open Sky Policy. 

In addition to the benefit of being an integrated commercial city, Sri City features clusters of electronic manufacturing companies. As a result, it has a great deal of potential to make conducting business abroad from this region easier. Additionally, thousands of people frequently commute from Rayalaseema areas to Kuwait.

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People Commute From Rayalaseema To Kuwait 

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MP Gurumurthy claimed that the number of visitors to Tirupati has been rising every year. He stated that it was almost 4.82 lakhs in 2016. It increased to 9.19 lakh passengers in 2022–2023. The number of passengers would increase significantly if international flights were to begin. 

He informed the Center that in addition to tourism, Tirupati receives a lot of business and industrial traffic as a result of the city’s development into an educational hub home to numerous colleges and national institutes.

 The people here currently have to travel to Bengaluru or Chennai in order to board an aircraft for the Middle East. A few years ago, the Indian government established the customs, immigration, and health wings and hired the necessary employees in accordance with the standards for an international airport, and everyone assumed that the international planes would soon begin to operate.  (As per Hans India)

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