Indore Vs Mumbai: Netizen Compares Mumbai Vegetable Market’s Cleanliness; Talks About ‘Chalta Hai’ Attitude

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Indore Vs Mumbai: Netizen Compares Mumbai Vegetable Market’s Cleanliness; Talks About ‘Chalta Hai’ Attitude

Whenever you visit places like the market, the first thing that captures one’s attention is the cleanliness. When talking about cleanliness, I am sure Indore comes to mind. Indore is known as one of the cleanest cities in India. And the cleanliness of its vegetable market was compared to that of Mumbai’s vegetable market. Netizens blamed BMC and Mumbaikars ‘’ Chalta Hai’ attitude.

Indore And Mumbai Vegetable Market

A X (formerly known as Twitter) account named @RoadsOfMumbai posted a picture comparing Indore and Mumbai vegetable markets. The pictures showed how Indore’s markets are way more organized and clean as compared to Indore’s.

With the picture, the account spoke about how Indore markets are hygienically managed, unlike Mumbai. It also mentioned that BMC approves of this. People spit, rats and dogs pee, etc. were mentioned.

The picture from Indore showed how the vegetables were neatly placed and arranged in the market. There were dustbins around marked with ‘wet waste’ labels for people to throw rotten vegetables in them. While the Mumbai market had all the produce all over the road, making it completely unhygienic.

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Population, BMC And More

The post shared by @RoadsOfMumbai gained about 207.5K views on X (formerly Twitter) and more than 3,300 likes. The post grabbed the attention of many netizens who had reasons to give. 

One user mentioned that the population of Indore is very low as compared to Mumbai. To this, @RoadsOfMumbai posted a picture of Tokyo’s market, which also has a huge population but still looks clean.

Another user spoke about how Mumbaikars are ok with all of it and blamed their ‘Chalta hai attitude’. Another spoke about how nothing and no one is ever in sync with others in Mumbai, as it is the responsibility of the BMC, society, and vendors together. 

There were netizens who praised Indore and were proud of it being the cleanest city in India. Some also tagged BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) and NMMC (Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation) to bring this to their attention.

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What  are your views?

Cover Image Courtesy: @RoadsOfMumbai/X