After Being Trolled, Jonty Rhodes Clarifies Why He Didn’t Share Food With Man Next To Him

South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes recently visited Bengaluru and visited a restaurant. However, he was trolled for not sharing food with the stranger sitting in front of him. Here's what he replied.

by Shreya Rathod
After Being Trolled, Jonty Rhodes Clarifies Why He Didn’t Share Food With Man Next To Him

As Indians, we take pride in being hospitable towards our guests. We give them advice on what they should eat and where they should travel and also offer some of our favourites. The same happened with South African cricketer, Jonty Rhodes when he visited Bengaluru and tried dishes recommended by his taxi driver. However, he was trolled for not sharing food with the man in his pic at the Bengaluru eatery. Here’s what exactly happened and the cricketer’s clarification of the pic.

Cricketer Jonty Rhodes Gives Reason For Not Sharing Food With The Man

Renowned fielder Jonty Rhodes, a former cricket player from South Africa, recently shared a photo of himself at a nearby restaurant after stopping by at the airport on the advice of his taxi driver. Rhodes, who travels the nation often, thanked the person for the suggestion while savouring a dinner of Mysore masala dosa and Mangalore bun.

While many applauded the cricketer for fully embracing Indian culture, another user chastised him for failing to order anything for the man they assumed to be the driver. They said, “Being a celebrity doesn’t give you class,” and pointed to the man next to him in the picture.

In response to the user, the cricketer expressed his displeasure and clarified that the guy seated next to him was not the taxi driver. He clarified that the driver had just placed the lunch order and had not come to eat with him. In his post, he stated that it has taken him a few days to respond to this. His driver was taking the photo, and the man at his table was someone he didn’t know. He ordered some of his favourite dishes, but he did not eat. He only had tea, which the cricketer did, in fact, pay for.

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Netizens Come In Support Of The Cricketer

Indian supporters of the cricket icon encouraged him not to accept criticism on social media in the midst of the internet storm.

A user advised him to ignore the trolls and not to explain anything.

Another user commented, “I’m waiting for someone to ask as to why Jonty declined to give a stranger some food.”

One of the users stated that a majority of drivers avoid eating while working as food makes them sleepy.

Another user commented in support of the cricketer and stated, “It is improper to make fun of someone just for being famous and attempting to impart moral lessons. Instead of making up stories, IndiGen Bharat Admin should have started by making an inquiry. Rich people or celebrities are also not allowed to serve all the time. Mr. Jonty, your response was accurate.”

A user apologised to the cricketer and he had to explain the trolls. He further wrote, “It is preferable to ignore these anonymous trolls who post controversial content purely to attract attention and manipulate social media algorithms.”

A person wrote that one should not comment if they don’t know the entire truth. It’s not necessary to agree with everyone on everything.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Jonty Rhodes/ X (Formerly, Twitter)

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