After MBA Chaiwala & Graduate Chaiwala, We Found “Frustrated Engineer’s Chai Point” In Bengaluru

Are you ready for a hilarious 'Peak Bengaluru Moment"?

by Shreya Ghosh
After MBA Chaiwala & Graduate Chaiwala, We Found “Frustrated Engineer’s Chai Point” In Bengaluru

We often hear engineers joke about choosing engineering as their college degree and then venturing into different fields to select their professional careers. From actors to writers to entrepreneurs, you will find engineers working in diverse sectors. This time, we came across someone who started a small tea shop named “Frustrated Engineer’s Chai Point” in Bengaluru.

Another Day, Another Epic Peak Bengaluru Moment!

Taking to X, gcmouli (@gcmouli) shared a picture of this chai point with a quirky name.

The Karnataka capital is famous all around for so many reasons. Starting from weather to traffic to start-ups, there are endless reasons about this city that make it not only loved and popular but often infamous as well. Having a long list of fascinating things about Bengaluru, it is also known for thousands of people working hard for their startups. You will find emerging entrepreneurs in every corner here.

In one of the famous peak Bengaluru moments, an X user found a tea shop in bustling Koramangala and it is named “Frustrated Engineer’s Chai Point”. Though I am not an engineer, I can kind of relate to the feeling behind giving such a different name to the tea stall. It is a basic and small push-cart tea point that is decorated well and covered entirely with polished wood pieces.

This is not the first time when we have seen a seller adding his/her degree to name the business. Previously, we have seen BBA Chai Wala, MBA Chaiwala, Graduate Chaiwala, B.Ed Chai Wala, and more such names of tea stalls.

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Netizens React To Frustrated Engineer’s Chai Point!

Shared on May 7, this X post about the chai stall has grabbed the attention of thousands of Netizens. The unique, striking, and kind of relatable name is surely making social media users go LOL. A few of them have reacted to it as well. An X user responded how Frustrated Engineer’s Chai Point will have more crowd than the famous Rameshwaram cafe. Another person commented hoping that the tea seller is actually not a frustrated engineer.

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Do you like this unusual name of the tea stall in Bengaluru’s Koramangala?

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ gcmouli (@gcmouli)

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