Man Says “Cooking & Washing Dishes” Improved His Mental Health In US; Netizens Ask, “What’s Stopping You In India?”

A man took to X (formerly Twitter) to tell how his mental health has improved after moving to the US since he does his own chores there.

by Tashika Tyagi
Man Says “Cooking & Washing Dishes” Improved His Mental Health In US; Netizens Ask, “What’s Stopping You In India?”

We all have our ways of dealing with and improving our mental health. Some of us prefer lifting weights in the gym to calm our overworked minds while others prefer doing mundane tasks to improve their mental health. And that’s exactly what this man on X (formerly Twitter) meant when he said that “cooking, washing dishes, vacuuming” has helped improve his mental health after moving to the US. However, this post has also sparked a lot of talk about why he couldn’t have done these things while he was living in India. Read on to find out.

Impact On His Mental Health From Doing Chores Like Cooking & Cleaning

Abhirath Batra is a Hyderabad-based engineer who moved to the USA. Ever since he moved there, he was able to use his hands more for everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning. In his post, he said, “My mental health has improved by miles the moment I moved to the US because I’m back to using my hands.” The “Busy hands, quiet mind” thinking worked amazingly well for him as he is able to calm his mind while cooking and washing dishes.

When the comments in the post asked Abhirath why he couldn’t do these things while he still lived in India, he did have a reason for it. He mentioned how he had been living with his parents for the last few days and they ran “their house in their own way.” He did cook sometimes, though, when he was able to take his mom out of the kitchen.

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Internet Asks Why Didn’t He Take Up These Tasks At Home In India?

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Image Courtesy: Canva

Abhirath Batra’s post has now got a lot of attention. Many people have commented on his post and asked him what kept him away doing these tasks while he was still in India. While others agreed and shared how they try to relax by indulging in simple activities. Here are some comments you cannot miss out on.

Some even had a few questions to help understand what other factors could have led to his improved mental health.

A few even shared what helped them calm their overworked minds and relax for some time.

From what we understand, it was the fact that Abhirath was able to keep himself busy and do things other than work that helped him improve his mental health. What are your two cents on this? Let us know in the comments.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva & X/@AbhirathB

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